Potter from Dashoguz made souvenir statues of Vepaly Alabay for the guest of Asian Games

Pottery and house museum of master Bakhtiyar Hojaniyazov famous in our country, which is located in administration centre of S. A. Niyazov etrap, Dashoguz Velayat, attracts the attention of the specialists and lovers of decorative and applied arts. School and university students, numerous foreign guests often visit this place. Upper part of the house built by the master is decorated by large dome similar to the samples of ancient architecture and giving original national colour to the building. Ornamented tiles with ancient patterns imitating the elements of decor of architectural constructions of Kunyaurgench are used in finishing of the facade of the house.

Interior part of domed construction impressed the compatriots and the guests. B. Hojaniyazov put all his knowledge, experience and artistic talent to implement creative idea of the house construction, which took the best traditions of the Middle Age masters from Kunyaurgench. Painstaking and laborious work filled with inspiration, search for original stylistic solutions and inexhaustible artistic fantasy is continued. Ornamented decor of architectural monuments of ancient Gurganj, the old name of Kunyaurgench, where famous architects and craftsmen used to live and create, will be used for finishing the walls.

One dives into the world of history once entering the house of the potter. You are surrounded by original items made by talented master in traditional ancient technique. These are dishes covered by blue glazing, beautiful large and small bowls, wide and narrow jars, trays, other ceramic dishes, rhytons, bas-reliefs, statuettes, souvenirs, decorative vases painted in original ornament and symbolizing cultural and aesthetical succession. Ceramic items made by the artist are distinguished by individual style and artistic expressiveness. They admire by compositional harmony, rich shine of glazing, involution of hand painting, harmony of lines and smoothness of colour changes. The collection of Dashoguz painters of B. Hojaniyazov, who continue the traditions of national visual art, organically supplement the exposition.

He works tirelessly every day in his workshop built in the house yard. Bakhtiyr knows the pottery perfectly and plastic clay pliant in his hands is turned into art items. At the moment, he is about to finish the work on vase called Turkmenistan. It is three meters high. This is the biggest vessel made by talented potter. To make this project, B. Hojaniyzov installed huge furnace for burning the clay. The vase, decorated by ganchu carving with the images of the national emblem of Turkmenistan, carpet patterns, ahalteke horses, cotton buds and other decorative details, is beautiful by the shape and ornaments.

National colour and originality distinguish another work of the artist � decorative vase Wonderful Age. It is two meters high and made of terracotta. It is decorated with the ornate of ancient patterns and precious materials. It pictures the silhouettes of great scientists living and working in Kunyaurgench in the Middle ages.

B. Hojaniyazov made miniature gypsum figures of the symbol of coming Ashgabat 2017 Games � friendly Vepaly alabay. Large number of souvenir statuettes were sent to Ashgabat as a gift to representatives of sports delegations and guest of the coming Asian Games. Another original novelty of the famous master designed for decoration of the interiors of modern buildings - terracotta bas-relief dedicated to Ashgabat 2017 Games, is also very impressive. Harmonic combination of national traditions and modern stylistic methods is traced in Bakhtiyar's new works.

Ceramic tiles made by skilful masters according to the technology of ancient majolica were used in restoration of the tomb of Nedjemeddin Kubra Mausoleum (XII � XIV) in Kunyurgench. Every year numerous pilgrims from dozens of the world's countries visit this sanctuary � the last rest place of legendary person, great Turkmen Sufi and sage. Bakhtiyar Hojaniyazov says that he get the inspiration in the paintings of the monuments of the ancient Kunyaurgench and historical ornaments, which he introduced into his works, and in traditions of Turkmen decorative and applied art.

Talented master dreams of opening pottery school in Kunyaurgench what will give new impulse to the development of national crafts. Organization of travelling personal exhibition of ceramic items in all velayats of Turkmenistan is in the near-term plans. Undoubtedly, his new works will please the compatriots and the guests of the country � the lovers of historical and artistic traditions.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper