Premiere of the play «Wah, siz aýallar!» and Days of Korean Culture in Turkmenistan

continues in Ashgabat Days of Korean Culture, organized on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations.




The events prepared by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea with the assistance of the Ministries of Culture and Education of Turkmenistan include film screenings of Korean-made films, acquaintance with the peculiarities of the national Korean cuisine, as well as trying on «Hanbok», traditional Korean clothing.




In addition, on November 11, Ashgabat residents and guests of the capital are invited to a joint concert of the State Symphony Orchestra of Turkmenistan and the Korean «Gugak» Quartet. Entrance to the events is free.


The theaters of the country continue to amaze with new performances. So, on the stage of the Main Academic Drama Theater named after S. Turkmenbashy the Great, a performance «Wah, siz aýallar!».




Soon, the artists of the State Russian Drama Theater named after Pushkin will present to the attention of the audience the production of «One Spanish Night» .


And at the Kemine State Drama Theater of the Mary Velayat, they completed work on the fairy tale «Hyýalymdaky Şazada».


A short poster of the performances that will be held in Ashgabat from 11 to 13 November.




Main Academic Drama Theater named after S. Turkmenbashy the Great:


12.11.2022: Wah, siz aýallar! Premiere 19:00;


13.11.2022: «Hindi rowaýaty» 19:00.


A comedy performance based on the play by Tanryberdi Hojakgayev «Oh, you women!» using the example of two families, he will talk about the relationship between husbands and wives. Bright and original characters constantly oppose each other, hence the whole comedy of the situation. The new production will be of interest to both women and men.



National Music and Drama Theater named after Magtymguly:


11.11.2022: Concert of the Korean «Gugak» Quartet 19:00;


12.11.2022: «Körpe gelin» 19:00.


«Gugak» is traditional Korean music. Today in the Republic of Korea, the number of creative teams performing music in the fusion style has increased, when national music is combined with modern styles.


Pushkin State Russian Drama Theatre:


11.11.2022: «We will definitely meet» 19:00;


12.11.2022: «Doctor Aibolit» 12:00;


12.11.2022: «Nameless Star» 19:00;


13.11.2022: «Bremen Town Musicians» 11:00; 13:00;


13.11.2022: «Wish Maker» 19:00.


Student Theater named after Mollanepes:


12.11.2022: «Çynym aýtsam» 19:00;


13.11.2022: «Gülki agşamy» at 19:00.



Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper

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