Presentation of new brand of cars Ravon, the successor of Uz Daewoo takes place in Ashgabat

Turkmen � UzAVTO business entity, the Joint venture of UzAvtoSanoat JSC and the State Trade Centre Turkmenistan of the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Affairs was the organizer of the event.

Official representatives of number of automobile plants took part in the ceremony. There are General Motors Uzbekistan for production of light vehicles, SamAvto Ltd specialized in making of Isuzu buses and medium trucks, joint Uzbek � German enterprise for making MAN trucks, specialized equipment and trailers among the participants.

There were also representatives of domestic branch structures, heads of diplomatic missions accredited to our country and numerous motorists.

As is known, Turkmenistan successfully implements the programmes aimed at establishment if high technology productions and modernization of main funds and technical rearmament of the enterprises by implementation of management, marketing and know-how solutions. At the same time, great attention is paid to the study of positive practices of foreign countries and implementation of it taking into account the priorities of Turkmen economy.

Today, motor industry of Uzbekistan is a high technology branch and serves as a sample of combination of advanced foreign technologies and equipment with local personnel and material potential.

Uzbek partners, interested in organization of current presentation in Turkmenistan, followed the fact that modernization and accumulation of equipment and facilities base of automobile transport of our country including the quality of services are one of the main directions of the strategy of development of this branch of national economy. That is why such high safety and quality requirements are presented to the transport including automobile one.

The manufacturers affirm that presented new Ravon vehicles met the world's standards. They are equipped with AC, power steering, low on fuel consumption and meet environmental requirements.

Ravon is translated for the Uzbek language as light clean straight road or easy way. The success of new brand in the market is formed by high standards of service.

Ravon Gentra, Ravon Nexia R3 and Ravon R4 were presented during current event. Besides, different types of other transportation means produced in Uzbekistan were demonstrated at special ground. The participants of the event were able to see the equipment for agriculture, construction, public services. Vehicles of different models and purpose were presented there. Thus, vehicles of MAN, which builds large cargo capacity trucks, concrete mixers and other, were presented among construction equipment.

As is known, large importance is attached in Turkmenistan today to provision of cleanness and compliance to environmental standards in the cities and rural areas. In this regard, samples of technics for communal services including combined vehicles for removal of snow and sprinkling of sand as well as for cleaning and washing of road cover in any season were the subject of special attention of the visitors.

Agricultural equipment as harvest machines, general purpose tractors, cotton pickers, seeders, sprinklers and other rose interest of the participants as well. Isuzu cargo vehicles and buses, samples of small equipment for garden and household were presented at the exhibition.

At the end of the presentation, performance of Turkmen and Uzbek artists took place.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper