President Berdimuhamedov instructed the heads of regions to prepare for wheat sowing and solemnly open new schools and kindergartens

On August 29, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov held a working meeting with the heads of regions, the state information agency TDH reports .

First of all, the hyakims of the velayats reported on the preparations for the sowing of winter wheat scheduled for September 2. According to them, farmers are provided with the necessary seed, equipment and inventory, mineral fertilizers .

As the Chronicle of Turkmenistan reported the day before , for this reason, the tenants were ordered to harvest unripe vegetable crops and prepare the fields for sowing grain.

The head of state ordered to prepare for the cotton harvest, control the cultivation of vegetables and complete the construction of various facilities on time. He also instructed to hold high-level opening ceremonies for new schools and kindergartens.

Then, the leaders of the regions reported on the preparations for sowing wheat and the new academic year.

Deputy Prime Minister Annageldi Yazmyradov , who is in charge of the agro-industrial complex, also reported on the preparations for sowing wheat . In addition, he informed the president that "a lot of work is being done to improve the amelioration of sown areas."

The meeting also touched upon the topic of preparations for the celebration of the 31st anniversary of the independence of Turkmenistan (celebrated on September 27).

“Following the traditions of our people, such dates are met with labor victories. Therefore, our brave farmers and grain growers are working tirelessly these days,” the TDH quoted the president as saying.

Recall that last year, President Gurbnaguly Berdimuhamedov ordered the planned volumes of cotton to be handed over by the anniversary Independence Day, although officials usually report on the implementation of the state plan in late October - early November. As a result, in 2021, the head of state was reported on the implementation of the cotton plan only on November 11.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan