President Berdymukhammedov approves annual leave for all officials except one

At the extended Cabinet session held on 5 July President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov permitted officials to take annual leave.

Taking into account that the performance indicators for the first six months are satisfactory on the whole, I hereby give permission to all executives of ministries and agencies and other higher-ranking officials to take annual leave for a period from 9 to 23 July, following the meetings to review the performance over the past six months which are scheduled to be held on Saturday and Sunday.

As usual, you can go on holiday in Archman and Yyly suv health resorts and other recreational centres, � the head of state said. However, the President mentioned that the holiday of Esenmyrat Orazgeldiev, Deputy Prime Minister overseeing agriculture could be delayed due to the wheat harvesting campaign which is underway in Turkmenistan.

After seeking advice from the executives of your subordinate complex, who are getting ready for the cotton harvesting campaign, you can make the decision for yourself, � Berdymukhammedov said addressing the official. � If now, in the midst of the grain harvesting campaign you cannot take leave, you will be able to go on holiday later � after the grain and cotton harvesting is over.

It should be emphasized that according to the President, the grain harvesting campaign is almost completed while the official cottonharvesting campaign will be finished in late October

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan