President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov congratulates compatriots on the holiday “Drop of Water – Grain of Gold”

For many centuries, our forefathers formed high culture of agriculture, they worked hard to improve the environment, make generous meadows out of pastures and cultivate rich harvest of the cultures, - the message of the Head of the State says. � Water wells, kyarizes, water reservoirs, canals, lakes and other water management facilities built by Turkmens in steppes, plains and mountains.

Our ancestors developed efficient methods of water supply of absolutely waterless areas. Following the tradition of well-thought approach to water use, Turkmenistan realizes large-scale programme measures aimed at rational use and careful protection of water resources.

Recently, large work was done for caring water consumption. Water saving technologies and latest scientific achievements are introduced to production sphere and advanced practices are widely implemented in construction of water management and irrigation facilities.

We adopted General Programme of provision of the settlements of Turkmenistan with pure drinking water. Complex measures in this direction are brightly evidenced by putting into operation of modern drinking water plants and water purifying installations built all over the country.

Construction of the second phase of Altyn Asyr Turkmen Lake, the largest hydro technical facility of our time, undergoes at high speed. Owing to efficient operation of drainage collectors, salinized waters run to the lake from arable lands of the country and that leads to decrease of ground waters level in its turn resulting in improvement of land reclamation conditions, increase of harvest and improvement of flora and fauna of Karakum Desert.

Besides, making of new manmade lake in the centre of the Karakums, which is one of the greatest deserts in the world, is a positive factor in the context of environment protection enhancing ecological situation not only in our country but also in the region.

We will continue undertaking large-scale work for further improvement of social and living level of the people, development of water management branch and improvement of its activity.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper