President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov congratulates compatriots on the Turkmen Melon Day

Congratulating the agricultural workers and all citizens of Turkmenistan, the Turkmen leader noted: We have implemented ambitious reforms in the agricultural sphere to ensure its high profitability along with other industries of the national economy and take all necessary measures in this regard.

Our primary task in the agrarian sphere is to enhance the food abundance in the country, increase the export volumes of high-quality agricultural products. Based on this, the state has created all necessary conditions to ensure the efficient work of agricultural specialists, including melon growers, and to appreciate their work.

It is pleasant that rich crops of golden melons ripe on the grateful fields of our sunny region. These marvelous fruits � wonderful delicacy adorn generous dastarkhans and markets rich in agricultural products.

The tireless work of our melon growers and breeders on increasing the production volumes of melons and watermelons as well as breeding new varieties deserve the special praise.

We have preserved the written sources of well-known scientists, travelers and historians, who admired the honey Turkmen melons, their unique, unforgettable taste.

According to the chronicles, since ancient times, our country has been considered as the motherland of sweet, flavoured melons. We are proud of the fact that melons grown in Turkmenistan - the agricultural heritage of our people rank among hundreds of melon varieties registered at the world melon-growing foundation today.

The government of Turkmenistan � the ancient centre of developed agriculture will always provide every support to peasants to achieve new heights in melon-growing industry.

Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency