President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov congratulates the compatriots on the Night of Power

For thousands of years, the Turkmens formed the riches traditions and moral principles, which has deep philosophic essence � to keep moral purity, to be honest, upright and noble and to respect each other. Our people, adherent to the principles of nobility, honour and high moral, made large input to the formation of cultural and ethnic values and standards, - the message says.

We have special attitude toward the Night of Power when the Almighty has sent the Holy Koran verses to the blessed Night of welfare and peace, to the date asserting spiritual purity, belief and high humanity.

According to the centuries-old traditions, sadaka-agzachar are given in honour of the Night of Power, ritual service tarava namazy is made, and prayers of prosperity, happiness and peace are offered, good words are wished.

The traditions of Holy Month of Ramadan are based on the mentality of our people, principles of mercy, humanity and justice. Following them, we announced the pardoning of sentenced persons in honour of the Night of Power, - the message mentions.

Turkmen people made considerable contribution to spiritual and cultural values of the Islamic world, which made great effect on the development of not only oriental culture but universal civilization as well.

We highly respect national traditions, basic values and ethical standards. We revere the precepts and exhortations of our outstanding thinkers Abusagyt Abulhaiyr, Mahmyt Zamahshary, Jelaledddin Rumy, Muhammet Bayram Khan, Dovletmammet Azadi, Nurmuhammet Andalib, Magtumguly Fragi who summoned to be honest, humane, upright, hardworking, solidary and make good deeds and actions.

Resting upon spiritual powers of the people, strong economic potential and unique historical and cultural heritage, we transform the Motherland, multiply its glory and international authority.

Our sacred duty is to serve honestly and selfless to the Motherland, to be proud of glorious past and present, current achievements of our sovereign country, to continue deservingly national traditions supporting the improvement of the society, to encourage the people for new great actions and accomplishments, - the message of the Head of the State says.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper