President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov inspects the readiness of the Olympic village facilities and visits equestrian complex

During the visit to Ashgabat Olympic village, the Head of the State inspected the course of construction of the main arena of V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games and other facilities of the unique complex.

Realization of Ashgabat 2017 project undoubtedly multiply international authority of Turkmenistan as the events of such scale stimulate international partnership and promote consolidation of friendly and business contacts, establishment of atmosphere of trusts and understanding in the region and the world as well as effect the development of national economy, cultural life and tourism industry.

At the entrance of the Olympic village, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov was met by the Chairperson of Mejlis, Deputy Chairmen of the Cabinet of Ministers, leaders of military and law enforcement agencies and the Executive Committee for preparation to V Asian Games, the Hyakim of Ashgabat and the head of Turkish company Polimex that is entrusted the construction of the facility.

Having greeted the participants, the Head of the State proceeded to the Olympic stadium where he went up to the first floor and viewed the arena under construction with 45 000 stands from the balcony.

During the review, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov paid special attention to the silhouette of the horse, which while being an official symbol of the Games become dominating structure of this multifunctional arena. The head of the horse rises above snow white roof of the stadium and associates with winged Gyrat that rides above snow covered mountains.

The Head of the State also brought the attention of the participants to giant picture of horse with torch and shared the opinion on expressiveness of this image and correspondence to the concept of the idea.

The discussion went on in the room where displays with different versions of decoration of horse head as well as drawings and layouts, giving full picture on the sizes of the stadium in details, its engineering and technical characteristics and other, were set up.

Continuing on the subject of the horse, which has to embody the ancient Turkmen history and at the same time current rapid development of the country, the Head of the State highlighted that ahalteke horse as well as alabay and Turkmen carpet are national heritage. From time immemorial, they accompanied our ancestors being the proud of our people and expression of unique features of Turkmen culture.

That is why, the image of the horse risen above the dome of the stadium has to match typical conformation features of ahalteke breed in order to any of the guests who see this image, would realize the greatness of it and the importance, which Turkmens paid to the horse throughout their history, - the Head of the State highlighted.

Continuing the conversation, the Head of the State emphasized that the symbol of the Games has to reflect national features, ethnographic originality and cultural and historical peculiarities of our country, its nature and national traditions.

The works of national decorative and applied arts always accompanied the Turkmens. Our people always used to have different amulets and talisman, which always ha special importance and sacred power. This sorts of charms came from the ancient time and still preserved I our days.

There are alaja amulet among them, which represents the string made of contrast black and white interweaved threads. Thin alaja was worn on the wrist, neck, stitched to the dress; more thick and wide ones were fastened to above the entrance to the house or hanged on the wall inside the house. Alaja was tied around small infant arms and around strong neck of fighting horse. Today, alaja is tied around the steering wheel of the vehicle and even the controls of the planes. This talisman holds certain programme of behaviour of the person, his mood for success and best wishes.

Considering close interrelation of alaja with the life of Turkmens throughout the history, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov expressed the wish that it would be reasonable that the neck of ahalteke horse - our national proud, above the bowl of the Olympic stadium would be decorated with alaja.

The Head of the State said that Turkmens also used to hang a bunch of healing grass yuzerlik at the entrance to the house.

This plant is mentioned in the ancient cultural monument Avesta (VII � V B.C.) and ancient Greek physicians wrote about its healing features, - the President of Turkmenistan mentioned. It was highly evaluated by the Oriental doctors. It was also mentioned in the works of Abu Ali ibn Sina (Avicenna) as an important element of numerous healing potions of the Middle Ages.

The tradition of use of yuzerlik as medicinal plant and as a talisman goes to the springs of Turkmen nation, - President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said. That is why it is appropriate to include the image of yuzerlik as decorative motif to the composition with horse head with huge torch above it, - the Head of the State said, having proposed to decorate the bowl with Olympic flare by the stalks of this grass forming up bright crown.

Having dwelt on the subject of reception of numerous delegations and guests of Asian games, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted that our heritage and uniqueness of Turkmen culture have to be communicated through national elements in symbols of the Games, architecture of the Olympic village, uniform of the volunteers and sportsmen, etc.

Carefully preserved priceless heritage devised to us by the ancestors, we have to pass it to our descendants for our culture as a basis of ethnical identification would develop, enrich and interrelate with other cultures serving to the friendship between the people, mutual respect and peace in the planet as this is spiritual component of our colossal project Ashgabat 2017, - the Head of the State highlighted.

It was stressed that during the construction of all facilities of the complex, decoration of the buildings and interiors, it is necessary to combine harmonically modern design and traditional ornaments.

The complex has to be distinguished by its originality and innovative creative solutions, the president of Turkmenistan continued, having addressed relative leaders with specific assignments. The Head of the State made special mention that design of each facility has to differ by bright national colour and at the same time, by individual style.

It was also requested to prepare and issue various tour guides, pocket books, information bulletins and brochures in different languages containing interesting facts on cultural traditions of Turkmen people, its heritage, distinguished features of art reflected in the symbols of 2017 Asian Games and architectural design of the Olympic village and Ashgabat in general. It is necessary to present the history of Turkmenistan and modern achievements of our country to the guests and participants of the Games.

Having focused the attention of the participants on the preparation to the games, the Head of the State pointed at the necessity of organization of opening and closing ceremonies on the highest level using best world's practices as well as development of the programme of the events considering national

After, the Head of the State went to indoor cycling track.

The track meets relative international standards and modern requirements by all parameters demanded for such facilities.

The conditions of the facility allows holding international competitions and tournaments including the world cups. The stadium has visitors' stands for 6000 people. All necessary infrastructure is stipulated there what establishes the best conditions for the sportsmen and coaches, technical and service personnel and the fans of cycling.

After the Olympic village, the head of the State went to Ahalteke Equestrian Complex.

The president of Turkmenistan, being fond of different sports, has special attitude to ahalteke horses and prefers the riding. Following traditions, the Head of the State made a ride around indoor hall on Bayramkhan stallion.

As it was previously informed, the foal, named Ruhubelent by the President of Turkmenistan, was born in this complex in the first days of 2017.

The baby is one month old now, it grew and feels great. Following ancient Turkmen tradition, the Head of the State tied alaja charm around the neck of the foal and addressed his best wishes for his future.

Today, ahalteke horses successfully perform at international circus festivals and equestrian competitions. By the initiative of the Head of the State, show jumping is included to the programme of 2017 Asian Games. This is right, it is impossible to imagine Ashgabat Games � the large celebrations, which will gather thousands of guests and participants from dozens of countries in our country, without horses.

Ahalteke horse is a beautiful image embodying idea emotion of new epoch � the time of awakening of active, creative powers, inspiration, spiritual rise and creation.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov expressed the confidence that the foal Ruhubelent would occupy deserving place in Turkmen equestrian sports, national horse breeding and make its contribution to continuation of family of its famous ancestors, multiplication of world's glory of ahalteke breed.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper