President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov participates in opening of super modern sport complex in Avaza

Put into operation of sports facilities, timed to the World's Health Day, would definitely be one of the brightest event of this year, which was declared as Year of Health and Inspiration.

Super modern sport complex that supplemented the infrastructure of Avaza would be universal educational and training centre for Turkmen athletes, good base for preparation of sportsmen and national teams in different sports including those included into the programme of V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games. Besides, high level international competitions are able to be held there what would also promote improving prestige of the country in the sports world.

The Chairperson of Mejlis, Deputy Chairmen of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan, leaders of military and law enforcement agencies, ministries and departments gathered in Avaza on occasion of the event. There are Ambassadors of Turkmenistan abroad, heads of diplomatic missions and international organizations accredited in our country as well as foreign guests who participated in International Congress Asian Games 2017: International Sport Cooperation for Peace and Progress, representatives of public community, business circles, mass media, sportsmen and youth among the participants of the ceremony.

The vehicle of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov stopped at the central entrance of the sport complex.

The culmination came and Turkmen Leader cut symbolical ribbon under the burst of applause of the participants. Avaza port Complex is opened now!

According to the contract with the Ministry of Industry of Turkmenistan, this project was fulfilled by Myradym Individual Enterprise, the member of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

Having started the review of the complex, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov went to the building for games sports where Turkmenistan Volleyball National Team and the Team of the Ministry of defence of the Country were going to have friendly match in new sport complex.

The Leader of the Nation expressed the interest in technical provision of the building that has large sport arena for futsal, basketball, large and table tennis (ping-pong), handball, volleyball, gymnastics and other sports. There are stands for 2 355 spectators. There are small hall for training, change rooms for players and coaches, sauna, steam bath, cafe, offices and technical rooms. The main sport equipment and appliances were provided by Shelde (Netherlands).

After, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov proceeded to 2-store building of martial arts. Its main component is a large arena with visitors stands for 2 272 people. Simultaneous competitions at three rings including fights in boxing, taekwondo, judo, free and Greco-Roman wrestling and other martial arts as well as powerlifting tournaments can be held there. The project also stipulated two training halls with boxing ring and wrestling mats. Sport equipment and appliances were presented by famous company Foeldeak (Germany).

At the same time, fights of masters in sambo, jujitsu and gyoresh wrestling started at the rings, which were watched with the interest by the Head of the State and foreign guests.

Besides, there are two fitness halls with most modern machines from the leading companies in this field as Gym80, Technogym, Leika and Life Fitness. All-purpose training complexes provide efficient training for all users � professional sportsmen and amateurs as well as for all age categories.

There, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and other participants of the event were greeted by Bert Raushenbach � the famous fitness specialists from Germany, who cooperates with our country for many years and took part in technical provision of sport complexes in Avaza.

During the conversation, foreign guests including President of the Asian Olympic Counsil Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah, Chairman of Russian Liberal Democratic Party, Leader of RLDP group in the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Vladimir Jirinovsky, Governor of Astrakhan Region of the Russian Federation Alexander Jilkin and other expressed sincere delight with rapid development rates of Turkmen sport and high level of technical provisions of new sport complexes built in the country. All of these is a bright evidence of colossal work aimed at development of sport sphere.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted that neutral Turkmenistan, being invariably committed to high humane ideals of the Olympic movement, stands for increase of regional and international partnership in sport sphere taking concrete measures in this direction. The policy undertaken in this field brings real results and Turkmen sport enters quality new level.

In the foyer of martial arts building the President of Turkmenistan reviewed the exhibition dedicated V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games. Its exposition present books, booklets and posters on the activity of National Olympic Committees of Asian and Oceania countries like Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Azerbaijan, Japan, Uzbekistan and other. Videos demonstrated on the monitors spoke on the development of sport movement in tese countries.

The Executive Committee for preparation of V Asian Games, the State Committee of Turkmenistan for Sports, the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the ministry of textile industry of the country presented their sections at the exhibition, having demonstrated the samples of different items portraying the main logo of 2017 Asian Games � Ahalteke horse, including the uniform for sportsmen and volunteers as well as dictionaries and phrase books, souvenirs and other attributes of the coming sport forum. Numerous cups and medals won by Turkmen athletes at prestigious international competitions in different sports were displayed there.

The canteen for 200 people, which spacious premise held National Cuisine exhibition, was the next facility visited by the President of Turkmenistan.

The head of the State and the guests were treated with various dishes distinguished by refinement and original design. The chefs demonstrated high level of their skills as well as successful solutions in cooking of different meat and fish with vegetables and fruits, salads and confectionaries.

Presentation of classic and fancy dishes of different world's cuisines is another evidence of the great attention paid to preparation to 2017 Asian Games and general development of fruitful international cooperation in humanitarian and cultural spheres. Together with sportsmen form Asia, representative of Oceania states like Australia, New Zealand, numerous island states of Polynesia and Micronesia will take part in the coming sport event. Considering the scale of the competitions, the necessity for study of the best practice in organization of such large events is growing. In this regard, the service sphere, as the main factor of hospitality industry, is given with the key role.

After, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov went to 2-store building of winter sports � ice-hockey and figure skating.

Total area of Ice Palace is more than 14.4 thousand square meters and the height is more than 19 meters. The ground floor has ice arena of standard professional sizes � 30X60 meters with stands for 2 949 spectators. All equipment, appliances and gears were procured from the famous companies Raita Sport and Kerko (Finland) as well as Zamboni (USA), which traditionally supply the equipment for Ice Hockey World's Cups, Winter Olympics and Asian games. These are hockey fences, goals, stands, sport chairs, protection and insulation ice coating, special ice machines for maintenance of the ice ring, etc.

The president of Turkmenistan and the guests of the ceremony went up to the first floor and took places at the stands.

The ice arena demonstrated bright show performed by the fosters of sport school of the State Committee for Sports. Slender, fit, flying over artificial ice young skaters confidently make complex compositions demonstrating various elements of figure skating.

Eleven time world champion and tenfold Europe champion Irina Rodnina was among those who watched with the interest the performance of young sportsmen. As is known, the legendary athlete regularly hold master classes with young skaters and their coaches in our country.

Taking an opportunity, Irina Rodnina expressed the gratitude to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for the invitation to take part in the events on occasion of the World's Health Day. The guest mentioned that she is happy with the opportunity to visit Turkmenistan again and personally expresses her admire with grandiose changes in our country recently including large-scale work done for popularization of sports and healthy lifestyle.

the Head of the State expressed the gratitude for her response to the invitation and participation in the current events.

During the conversation, the President of Turkmenistan noted that having taken the course for the development and stimulation of sports and public physical and recreational movement, the State carries out steadfast and comprehensive work for all these years.

Leaving winter sports centre, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov made an entry in the Book of Honoured Guests.

Water sports centre for 2 097 spectators was the next object visited by the Head of the State. 3-store building with more than 16 356 square meters area and 23 meters height includes several swimming pools including the Olympic one for sport and synchronized swimming and water polo. According to FINA (International Swimming Federation) regulations, it is 50 meter long and 25 meters wide. The Olympic pool is divided into ten lines by special ropes with floats.

Besides, there are training pools, pools for jumping with 10-, 7.5-, 5- and 3-meter springboards as well as mini swimming pool for kids, whirlpool massage, gym and special training premise for teaching swimming and water jumping.

The pools are equipped with preparation, heating and water circulation systems. The equipment like start bollard, ladders, jump and spring boards, goals for water polo, automatic timing systems, displays, underwater cameras and others were supplied by famous world's companies like Malmsten (Sweden), Colorado and Omega (USA) , which production was used at the Olympic games, World's and Europe Championships.

necessary infrastructure for sportsmen, coaches and fans is created, are worth mentioning. Every building of the facility has comfortable changing rooms, rest rooms, medical and massage rooms, sauna, Turkish bath, cafe, billiard and bowling, Ping-Pong rooms, sport equipment lockers. The buildings are equipped with referee and timing systems, information displays and special apparatus for live TV and radio broadcasting, work of mass media and translators. There are VIP and CIP stands and special places for disabled people.

Looking around the complex, the President of Turkmenistan watched the competitions in swimming, water polo and water jumping.

Having congratulated the sportsmen with opening of this beautiful facility, the Head of the State noted large importance of new object for further development of sport movement in our country. Leaving new sport complex, the Head of the State wished large successes in sport arena and in life to the hosts, athletes and coaches.

After, having bade warm goodbye to the participants, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov left the place of event.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper