President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov visit the golf club of the capital

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and his associates visited the gulf club of the capital where he inspected the work for popularization of this sports.

Early in the morning the Head of the State came to the sport complex located in the southwest of Ashgabat. Upon arrival, the Head of the State was welcomed by the Speaker of the Mejlis, Vice-premiers, Hyakim of Ashgabat and the Chairman of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan.

Today, the programmes aimed at further development of mass physical training and sports of high achievements, modernization and expansion of profile infrastructure and activities in this sphere are implemented in the country.

Chairman of the UIET A. Dadayev and Hyakim of Ashgabat Sh. Durdiliyev reported on the results of the implementation of the plans of integrated urban planning of the capital, sport facilities planned to be built as well as on the measures for support of favourable environment in the city. The Head of the State was also informed about the projects in the above-mentioned spheres carried out by Turkmen entrepreneurs.

The President of Turkmenistan highlighted that it is necessary to provide coordinated work of all structures involved in this process for successful solution of the objectives outlined by the Programme of social and economic development of Ashgabat for 2019 � 2025. The Head of the State requested to hold under control the subjects of efficient use of sport grounds and stadiums of the capital, especially making of necessary conditions the youth to go in for various sports.

Relevant instructions was given regarding urban planning and maintenance of cleanness of the city, streets and parking zones taking into account an ecological aspect.

High intelligence and active life style are the priorities the youth has to orient to, the head of the State said further. Having pointed out an important role of physical training and sports of high achievement in harmonic and healthy development of younger generation, the President of Turkmenistan noted that the work in this direction has to meet modern requirements.

Upbringing of physically and mentally healthy generation is one of the traditions, which our nation has always paid the utmost attention, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted. Following these traditions, large-scale programmes for development of physical training and sport movement are steadily implemented in the country. Numerous facilities like big sport and equestrian complexes, stadiums, sport schools and sanatoriums meeting international standards were built in all parts of the country. The Gulf club in the capital is one the brightest examples.

Talking to his associates, the Head of the state noted that Turkmens played the game called chilik reminding golf from ancient times. The games develops dexterity, accuracy and reaction, attention, vitality and resolve and well as physical strength. Different sport competitions, which were spread in the world, became developing based on national games, which have been improvised and made more complex.

Turkmen sport game 'chilik' reminds the golf, the Head of the State noted. It is very popular among children and teenagers from old times. Levelled ground and two types of clubs are necessary for the game. One the clubs is 70 cm long 'hekgal' while another one is sharpened from both ends 25 cm 'chilik'. Gamers divide into two groups and choose the leader � the 'Khan', which is normally the most stunt and accurate player. In addition, the team splits into pairs and each of the pair chooses the name. For example, one of them is 'Gylych' and another one is 'Galkan'. After, they come to sitting players and address them with such words: Our Khan, who needs Gylych and who needs Galkan? The leader choose the players for their teams in turn. After, by draw they choose who will be 'dovchy' (destroyer) and who will be 'yukchy' (loader).

They draw 10 meter diameter circle on the ground and place the stone in the centre of the circle or dig a hole, which is a target. One of the teams go to the centre of the circle and the games starts. The 'Khan' flips the 'chilik' into the air and one the players hits it with club trying to aim the centre of the circle and to hit the target. If he misses, he has another chance. If the second attempt also fails, that the turn goes to the next player of the team. The first hit on target provides the victory to the team and the players change the positions.

After powerful hit, the 'chilik' can fly 100 meters away. Another player of the team, who stays behind the line of the circle, has to return it back. For this, he hits one sharpened ends of the 'chilik', lifts it from the ground and send to desired direction. If the 'chilik' falls on the line of the circle, the opposite team, which is inside this circle, immediately throw it away to the place where there are no opponents. It is not allowed touching the 'chilik' by hands. It is only the club that can be used. The 'A�ukci' team attacks and attacks until they achieve the goal. If the 'chilik' reaches the target, it considered to be broken and the game starts again.

The 'chilik' that hits the target is thought to be broken and the team receives one point. In its turn, for every miss on the 'chilik', the team receives one penalty point. As per the terms, if the 'chilik' misses the target three or four times or the players cannot strike back the 'chilik', then the 'yukci' team receives three or four penalty points. This game with interesting and complicated rules is continued until the players want. The winner receives the prize, the President noted, speaking of the history of the game.

Today, this game is restored. The golf, which spread in popular in the world, and ancient Turkmen game 'chilik' make positive effect on people's health, the President continued. Together with physical training, it supports the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, depression, and improves sport skills. competent medical specialists confirms positive effect of the golf on increment of the longevity of people.

After, the Head of the State went to the golf court where he made an accurate hit on the ball, having started the competition. The Speaker of the Mejlis, members of Government and other players followed the President.

As is known, the golf club of the capital was opened with the participation of the President of Turkmenistan in October 2017. construction of this facility became new word in development of national sport and tourist infrastructure. Initiating the construction of similar sport complexes and facilities in the country, the Head of the State, who pays the utmost attention to the development of sports of high achievement, physical training and health improving movement, upbringing of healthy younger generation, notes that the importance of this work goes beyond the borders of sport sphere. All of these is to support the improvement of individual, his involvement to useful and active leisure and personal education.

Today, the capital and its surroundings as well as other parts of Turkmen land have significantly changed due to large-scale social and economic reforms. The view of Ashgabat cannot leave anyone indifferent. Neat and cool lawns of the golf club, tress planted on its territory, artificial lakes are merging to surrounding landscape. In general, it harmonically supplements splendid look of Ashgabat.

Massive tree planting programme, under which forest zones are created all around the country, make healthy environment. In its turn, good ecology support the development of physical training and sports, assertion of the principles of healthy life style in society. big international sport competitions, which are held in Ashgabat, are also bright evidence that Turkmenistan turns into the sport centre of international level.

The golf field of Ashgabat meeting international level is q unique project developed based on the best world experience with application of the most modern advanced technologies and knowledge of leading professionals �t he world golf architects and with the use of local material, resources and skills of national construction personnel and designers taking into account the features of landscape of the place where it is located. Good foundation for popularization of the golf was laid with the opening of the club. Together with great number of amateurs, skilled masters have already appeared in the country in this sports.

It is obvious that it is prestigious now to go in for sport in our country. At the same time, the sport itself, as a symbol of strong will and health, becomes the main drive for other social changes.

The sport component is this context is some kind of core, around which many new forms of social and mass activity are formed, which also supported the attraction of greater number of youth to the ranks of healthy life style supporters, stimulation of the desire of professional growth and achievement of significant success among young sportsmen. This is indicated by the Olympic movement growing in the country, to which the Head of the State pays close attention.

The President of Turkmenistan gave number of specific assignments regarding continuation of systematic work on popularization of rich heritage of national sports and games, which were formed throughout the ages supporting the upbringing of physical fit and mentally strong generations of Turkmens. This is vital in our days to continue the traditions and asset the principles of healthy life style in society, the head of the State said, having also given the instructions for construction of relative facilities. The necessity of integrated measures for increment of number of people actively doing physical training and going in for sports, especially the youth, by organization of different level competitions, efficient implementation of the capabilities of modern stadiums and other sport complexes, has been noted.

Having highlighted again that it is necessary to approach the subjects related to the development of physical training and sports of high achievements as well as to the provision of ecological wealth with full responsibility, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov wished success in solution of set objectives and, having said goodbye to all, left the place of event.

Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency-TDH