President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov Welcomes Scientific Community

Science and technology are the key factors of integrated development of the global economy including independent and neutral Turkmenistan. I believe that events dedicated to the Science Day will inspire the scientific community of the country to achieve new goals, the message says.

Turkmenistan seeks to strengthen positions in international political, economic, cultural and scientific areas, leaning on the high technology and best practices. Innovative economy is being formed in the country; national programs aimed at strengthening the society's intellectual potential are being implemented gradually.

The ongoing reforms created opportunities for fundamental modernization of the science field; improvement of the structure of research institutions; as well as for identifying the priority vectors in this area; training highly qualified professionals; creating optimal conditions for their work, the message states.

With a purpose of the further intensification of the technological, technical and innovative progress in the country, the academic institutions; sectoral research centers; higher educational institutions place a special emphasis on the basic sciences; competitive, cost effective scientific researches are being conducted; new technology is implemented in production. With the launch of the artificial satellite, TurkmenA�lem 52?, new opportunities arise to train, at the Oguzhan University of Engineering Technology, the highly qualified specialists and scientists who will conduct theoretical and practical works in such areas as communication; space, robotics; microelectronics.

In fostering the dynamic development of Turkmenistan; promoting its domestic and foreign policy much credit goes to the scientific community. We are especially delighted to highlight achievements in such areas as nano-, bio- and chemical technology; study of the new materials; energy; molecular biology; agriculture; environment and genetics; information and communication systems; computer technology; modern healthcare and technology of pharmaceutical production; innovative economy; humanities.

Turkmenistan consistently strengthens innovative and technological cooperation with the leading international organizations and foreign research centers. Collaboration with the Far East; Asia�Pacific region; major research and education centers of the Near and Middle East, Europe and America is being taken to a whole new level. Turkmenistan's election to the UN Commission on Science and Technology for Development for 2017-2020 is an example of the growing authority and prestige of our country in the international research and education areas, the Presidential message stresses.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper