President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov: working honestly is the main rule for all of us

During extended session of the cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan on May 12, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov made a speech focusing the attention on the priorities of the state development and the necessity of the Programme of the counteracting the corruption and bribery.

The outcomes of the work made for four months of this year shows that despite existing internal problems and number of difficulties related to the world's economy condition, we managed to keep high growth rates of the branches of our economy.

The growth of the gross domestic products made 6.2 percent for this period. Comparing with the same period of the last year, we managed to increase the volumes of the investments to different branches of the economy. The salaries also were increased for 9.1 percent.

Construction of 1900 large facilities to total amount of 45 billion US dollars is carried out in the country. Around 1800 of them are built by domestic construction companies.

For four months, we have built and put into operation all planned industrial and social facilities. There are 441.4 sq. m of living including high comfort houses as well as recreational and resort centres, kindergartens and number of other facilities.

According to the adopted programmes, educational and scientific sphere of our country is being developed. Modernization of production infrastructure is carried out; market economy is formed and oil and gas deposits are developed. The construction of Turkmenistan � Afghanistan � Pakistan � India gas main is continued. Other important projects developed on science and technology achievements are implemented.

We continue the policy of entrepreneurship support and wide attraction of its capabilities and resources to implementation of economic reforms. As a result of the work in this direction, the share of non-governmental sector of the economy is growing in the GDP structure. At present moment, this index is 62.2 per cent.

Generally, despite good indicators, it is necessary to solve many issues. The state programmes were adopted for their solutions. Concrete measures for eliminating of existing shortcomings are outlined. We spoke of this in details during the session of the Cabinet of Ministers dedicated to the outcomes of the first quarter of the year. We have to solve all set objectives in this direction without fail.

I would like to dwell on other subject, which is not pleasant for all of us. At present time, we perform large political and economic reforms in scientific and educational spheres, agriculture, oil and gas complex, law enforcement departments and other fields. The main purpose of these changes is to bring the economy of our country to quality new level, the development of Turkmenistan as temporal, democratic and legal state with socially oriented market economy, improvement of life of our people.

The improvement of social condition of our people gave rise to such negative occurrences as bribery and corruption, which extremely negatively affect all side of our society from the economy to moral. Bribery and corruption lead the governmental structures and society to negative outcomes. As a result, the growth of the economy is slowed down and the state development faces serious difficulties.

In my inauguration and other speeches as the President of Turkmenistan , I stated that we would stop such negative activities. I made special mention that everyone, who makes such actions, regardless of their positions, would be called to account and that I would demand all government employees, first the personnel of law enforcement departments, to honestly serve their duties. I always state that the interests of our independent neutral state have to be above all.

The law enforcement departments have to take considerable role in counteracting this evilness.

The stability of economic foundation of our state as well as efficiency of conducted reforms are mainly dependant of the efficiency of work of law enforcement departments.

The fight against organized crime, corruption, terrorism, extremism and illegal drug trafficking has to be priority direction of their work. This activity has to be aimed at protection of life, health and property of our citizens from criminal infringement as well as to protection of their constitutional rights and freedoms.

Unfortunately, the outcomes of the inspections revealed the cases of bribery and corruption among the personnel of law enforcement departments. It was found out that such negative occurrences were made not only in these structures but also in other spheres. According to the legislation, we will take rigorous measures against everyone who performed such actions.

As you know I terminated number of personnel of prosecution and police departments from their positions and instructed to bring them to account in accordance with our laws. I also relieved the Prosecutor General from the duty for serious shortfalls in his work and strictly reprimanded the Minister of Internal Affairs.

Such occurrences should not take place in our State!

To work honestly and serve beloved Motherland from the heart have to be the main rule for all of us.

I instructed the State Security Council together with the Mejlis of Turkmenistan to develop the Programme of counteracting the bribery and corruption and present it for adoption as soon as possible for counteracting this evilness. This programme has to be integral part of our strategy of the state development. The Programme of counteracting the bribery and corruption must be ever improving instrument for government departments, municipal administrations and organizations in solution of organizational, economic, legal and informational objectives as well in selection and appointment of personnel.

The main purpose of this Programme is to eliminate the root causes of the corruption in our society. I think it is necessary to review relative laws and to strengthen the punishment for the bribery and corruption. For example, I think it would be fair to stipulate cancellation of pardoning the persons involved in bribery in relative laws.

Almost all leaders of ministries, departments and organizations participate in the current meeting. I give the warning for one more time that strictest measures will be implemented toward all government employees, regardless of their positions, who made such illegal acts, and everyone guilty in bribery and corruption will be accountable in accordance with the existing legislation.

Our ancestors gave us good edifications and guides about honest work and virtuous life. We, in our turn, have to be deserving descendants of those who were the models of moral rectitude and diligence.

They left such wise sayings as The wealth is not in material values but in nobleness of the soul. There are many sayings like this, related to this important subject. For one more time reminding the wisdom and behests of our ancestors, I call up everyone to honest work and virtuous life.

Our great thinker Magtumguly used to say that All people are mortal in this life but their names and deeds are not. This is exactly the mission of the human being to leave good memory of him.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper