President of Turkmenistan addresses participants of the International industrial exhibition

I congratulate you on the beginning of the International exhibition and scientific conference Key Areas of Development of Industries in Turkmenistan, emphasized the President of Turkmenistan in his Address.

In accordance with the Programme for the socio-economic development of the country for 2019-2025, a lot of work is being done in the fields of industry and communication. Comprehensive reforms aimed at modernizing the economy and creating a developed industrial infrastructure are being successfully implemented. Particular importance is attached to the wide introduction of innovations, advanced technologies and the best foreign experience.

Scientifically based organization of production in a powerful diversified industry, the efficient use of local raw materials are the key prerequisites to ensure the development of our economy.

Currently, the Turkmenabat Chemical Plant manufactures new import-substituting products used in various sectors of the national economy. The enterprise also trains young specialists and increases their professional qualifications.

The enterprises of the Turkmensenagat Agency increase the volume and range of products manufactured based on local raw materials and take the measures to improve the efficiency of work of industrial enterprises.

Along with this, we address the strategic tasks, aimed at creating innovative processing complexes, increasing the production of goods required for the construction industry, establishing joint ventures, and training of highly qualified specialists.

We carry out the systematic work to bring the enterprises of the Ministry of Textile Industry, the "Turkmenhimiya" State Concern, the "Turkmensenagat" Agency and the communications sector to full operational capacity. The advanced technologies are actively introduced, and the existing ones are modernized at the enterprises of the complex. The timeliness of these steps allows them to constantly perform production tasks.

Positive dynamics has been also achieved in solving problems of increasing the efficiency of production capacities of industrial enterprises, integrating into the global economic space, and stimulating investment activity, said the President of Turkmenistan.

Ensuring the harmonious development of our country, the uninterrupted work of the entire economic system of its regions, the creation of favorable social conditions for people, also largely depends on the thought-out logistics of motor, air, sea and river transport.

New railways and highways have been built that meet international standards, new international transport and transit corridors have been formed, powerful diesel locomotives, freight and passenger cars have been purchased in recent years. In accordance with the Programme on development of the industry, large-scale international projects have been implemented. Modern motor and railway stations, depots and other important engineering and technical facilities have been erected. These measures are aimed at ensuring the economic progress at the regional and international levels, says the President of Turkmenistan.

Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency TDH