President of Turkmenistan checks sample of local electronic production

After the session of the Cabinet of Ministers, Minister of Industry and Construction Production S. Berdimuhamedov has reported to the Head of the State on work for development of national electronic industry and production of import substitutive commodities in the country under the report of Vice-Premier Sh. Durdiliyeva.

Together with members of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the above-mentioned ministry implements practical measures for establishment of production of modern electronic equipment.

Samples of local electronics, which is planned to be produced, presented to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov are visual indication of this.

New 65” smart TV, mobile phones with two sim cards, smart phones, various mono-blocks, spilt AC units, Internet routers as well as dispensers for Colling and heating of drinking water have been presented.

Work for arrangement of production of electronic production is carried out actively by Aýdyň gijeler Business Entity, which has been established with shared participation of the Ministry of Industry and Construction Production (49 percent).

The business entity has already arranged the production of LED lights, educational computers for school students and netbooks, new 32, 42 and 55” Tolkun and Zemin smart TVs and 65” TV recently.

The Minister of Industry and Construction Production has spoken about special features of electronic production and used technologies. In particular, speaking of advantages of new TVs, the Minister informed about capabilities of their connection to computer, routers and other appliances and control of them by one remote control.

High-quality local production presented in wide variety is a visual indication of rapid development of the country, which confidently moves toward scientific and technical progress.

Electronic industry is formed up, production of required electronic equipment, which is on high consumers’ demand, is established in Turkmenistan. In this regard, special importance is paid to study of the best world practice, development of profile production on scientific base and to opening of joint facilities.

It is remarkable that important role in this work is given to local entrepreneurs, who mainly specialize in use of local raw materials, active introduction of advanced technologies.

Continuing speaking of special features and types of production made by the Business entity, the Ministers have asked the President to name new TVs, computers, mobile phones and other equipment, which have been launched into production.

The Head of the State has noted that it would be reasonable to name 65” smart TV as Älem and mono-block computer made in the country as Şowly. In addition, the name Milly was proposed to be given to new smart phone and Körpe to the telephone with two sim cards. The President has also advised to name routers, which are in wide use at present, as Uçgun, dispensers used in daily life as Teşne and split Ac units as Mylaýym.

Having focused on the necessity of provision of the population with the above-mentioned equipment, Turkmen leader ordered to hold under control the subjects of expansion of variety and improvement of quality, having highlighted the importance of provision of price affordability of electronic production, the Head of the State gave relative instructions on this account.



Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency-TDH