President of Turkmenistan congratulates the business community of Turkmenistan on the 10th anniversary of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov underlines in his address that the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs that was established on March 17, 2008 and has united over 20,000 members today, has become a large public organization that vigorously supports entrepreneurial initiatives.

The exhibition of entrepreneurs and industrialists of the country as well as the conference of the Union members, held on the occasion of this significant date, will clearly demonstrate the significant role of the private sector of the national economy that is widely supported by the government in the innovative development of the domestic economy through the diversification and harmonious growth of all industries and regions of the country, the creation of modern import-substituting industries and strengthening the export potential of our state.

Having set ourselves the task of using all available opportunities to ensure the sustainable development of the national economy, we focus all our activities to achieve the main goal - guarantee the prosperous life for the Turkmen people, and raise the social and living conditions.

The government pays particular attention to speeding up the process on the transition to market relations, in particular, to the intensive development of the non-state sector of the economy. Joint ventures and joint-stock companies are established, the work of stock exchanges and stock market is developed.

The Programme of the social and economic development of the country for 2018-2024 that is successfully implemented in Turkmenistan at present specifies the tasks for the development of the country. The document envisages the establishment of numerous small and medium-sized industrial enterprises in various sectors of the national economy, including the projects on the development of underground resources. All this increases the confidence in the members of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan. As specified in the programme, there are special economic zones in our country. The large-scale work on the privatization of state-owned enterprises, creation of joint ventures and joint-stock companies will continue. As a result of the transition to market relations, the fundamental reforms will be implemented, and the share of the non-state sector in the economy will increase.

We will continue implementing the specific measures to create the favorable conditions for the development of the small and medium-sized businesses in Turkmenistan. The policy on the government support to business will encourage private entrepreneurs to contribute to the sustainable development of Turkmenistan's national economy.

The 'open door' policy, pursued by independent Turkmenistan, that demonstrates its commitment to the status of permanent neutrality, provides the members of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs with the wide opportunities to establish the reliable contacts with foreign counterparts. Increasing the economic power of our state contributes to the growth of investment activity in the country, and ensures the protection of foreign investment. Thus, the entrepreneurs in Turkmenistan have all the conditions and opportunities for the development of international cooperation.

Turkmen businessmen regularly participate in international exhibitions and business forums held in various countries of the world. They establish mutually beneficial partnership with large foreign companies and exchange experience in innovative technologies. As a result, the range of industrial products manufactured by entrepreneurs grows with every passing year, thousands of new jobs are created. Along with the successful solution of the tasks on widening the production of import-substituting goods and improve the commodity supply to the domestic market, Turkmen entrepreneurs gain wider positions in the world markets due to their competitive, high-quality goods.

We have to solve the large-scale strategic tasks on the accelerated development of the national economy. For their implementation, the work on supporting business, protecting the rights of entrepreneurs is proceeding systematically. Only a powerful, fair and steadily developing state is able to render such assistance to the private sector.

Paying close attention to the steps taken at the state level to further increase the power of the national economic complex and expand foreign economic relations, we will continue to support all important projects, in particular investment, which are aimed at creating the innovative economy.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper