President of Turkmenistan congratulates the Chairman of the People’s Republic of China on his 65th anniversary

Accept my heartfelt congratulations and the best wishes on the occasion of the 65th anniversary! � says the President of Turkmenistan in his congratulatory address to the Chairman of the People's Republic of China.

Your constant dedication to the interests of the Chinese people, the tireless work for the prosperity of the country, as well as the significant contribution to strengthening the global peace, stability and development have earned you well deserved respect and authority both in China and abroad.

The traditionally friendly, long-term, strategic relations between Turkmenistan and the People's Republic of China are constantly widen in a wide spectrum of areas. Your personal concern and comprehensive support play a special role in achieving greater success in the bilateral cooperation.

Turkmenistan is committed to continue the substantive and highly confidential dialogue with China based on the principles of equality and mutual respect with the aim to implement the enormous potential of our partnership for the benefit of the peoples of the two states.

Dear Mr. Chairman, I sincerely wish you good health, personal happiness and great success in Your responsible state activity in the name of progress and prosperity of the hardworking people of Your great country, says the Turkmen leader in his address.

Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency-TDH