President of Turkmenistan congratulates the members of the Democratic Party of Turkmenistan with the 25th anniversary

I would like to mention special role and merits of the Democratic Party of Turkmenistan in formation of modern principles of social and political progress of the country, - the message says. � The Democratic Party of Turkmenistan, which was established right after declaration of the sovereignty, took active part in establishment of democratic, legal and temporal state, formation, in improvement and consolidation of political and economic, cultural and intellectual foundations of the society.

Today, independent Turkmenistan is positioned in the world as politically stable, economically strong sovereign state with original national traditions of cultural, spiritual and intellectual development. Internal and foreign policy of our country in international relations, which strictly follows the legal status of permanent neutrality and committed to peaceful, beneficial friendly and brotherly relations, gives opportunity to continue progressive development.

The unity and solidarity of our people, integrity of the state and society are the source of our outstanding successes and achievements. The creative atmosphere established for 25 years of sovereign development and provision of public tranquillity and civil harmony are the merits of all social and political powers including the Democratic Party.

Turkmen State and society face important objectives for provision of further progress. Lega foundations of the key directions were reflected in new edition of the Constitution of Turkmenistan.

Our next target is to multiply economic potential of our country by continuation of the reforms in all spheres of national economy and by expansion of modern production infrastructure.

The forthcoming Presidential elections will be included to the history of our country as a main political and social event of 2017. Tree political parties will take part in the elections on alternative base for the first time in our country according to new edition of our Constitution.

I am confident that the Democratic Party of Turkmenistan will be in the lead actively participating in all stages of elections and making deserving contribution into democratic and legal reforms and social and political progress in the country.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper