President of Turkmenistan congratulates the winners of the youth contest for the best research paper

“I congratulate you on the victory in the Turkmenistan Youth Contest for the best research paper! The development of science and education is one of the foundations for the prosperity of any state. Therefore, we carry out comprehensive work with the aim to ensure systematic enhancement of the scientific potential of our country, strengthen the material base and consistently modernize the science system, establish digital economy based on high technologies”, says President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov in his congratulatory address

“Based on the achievements of scientific and technological progress, advanced technologies, knowledge and innovations, we strive to bring the science system to the world level and pay great attention to this. At the same time, we train highly qualified young specialists, stimulate the interest of young people in scientific research.

“Our independent state prioritizes the implementation of scientific and technological activities, widespread introduction of the latest scientific achievements in production. The country has created all the conditions for Turkmen youth to pursue science and achieve specific results. Youth contests for the best research paper are of great importance in the education of a purposeful, broad-minded generation capable to master knowledge and science, think perspectively.

“That is vividly proved by the fact that young talented contest participants submitted interesting projects and scientific research, innovative developments. They cover such priority areas as nanotechnology, the study of new resources, energy, biotechnology, molecular biology, agriculture, ecology and genetics, information and communication systems, computer technology, modern production of medical and pharmaceutical products, innovative economics, and humanities.

“The discoveries made young scientists, their innovative experience, scientific and engineering ideas, industrial and innovative, information and technological research are of great importance in strengthening the power of our country, especially in the digitalization of the economy. In this regard, care about young people, who study in secondary and higher educational institutions, work in various sectors of the national economy and are engaged in science has become one of the priority areas for the state.

“The institutes of the Academy of Sciences, the Technopark, industrial research institutes, and higher educational institutions of the country have created favorable conditions for young scientists, specialists, and students to master the advanced experience and ensure fruitful scientific activity. In the framework of cooperation in the field of science, technology and innovative technologies, in order to improve skills and exchange experience, we regularly send young people to prestigious research and educational centers of foreign countries.

“We are proud of the achievements of our young scientists and students at international scientific and educational competitions. It is especially encouraging that industrial-innovative, information-technological research conducted by research institutes, higher educational institutions, the Academy of Sciences and the Center for Young Scientists at the Central Council of Magtymguly Youth Organization, as well as the discoveries of young scientists, engineers, technologists and specialists contribute to solving the problems of socio-economic development of the country.

“The aspiration to be prepared for the future requires today’s innovative and scientific thinking. Our main task is to provide assistance to young people in mastering modern specialties, improving theoretical knowledge and practical skills, mastering digital technologies, studying new scientific doctrines, advanced research and technological experience.

“The creative successes of young scientists who have set specific goals and their scientific achievements open up enormous opportunities for the country’s prosperity. Our independent state will continue attracting the youth to the development of promising areas of modern science that meet the requirements of the current era.

“Each young citizen of Turkmenistan should have a high goal to develop significant for the state and people scientific ideas, master and implement modern technologies based on the opportunities provided. I belief that you will work for the achievement of new heights in science”, emphasized the President of Turkmenistan in his address.



Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency-TDH