President of Turkmenistan congratulates Vladimir Putin on the victory at the presidential elections in Russia

On behalf of the people, the Government of the country and on his behalf, President of Turkmenistan congratulated Vladimir Putin on the victory at the presidential elections and the reelection as the President of the Russian Federation.

In his congratulatory address, the Turkmen leader underlined that the choice, made by the Russian people, vividly proved the special trust and support of the course, pursued by Vladimir Putin with the aim to ensure the political and social stability and the economic growth in the country.

I belief that Russia will achieve greater success under your wise and far-sighted leadership, as well as will continue strengthening its authority at the international arena. We, in Turkmenistan highly appreciate your personal contribution into the development of the Turkmen-Russian relations and express belief in the continuation of the meaningful dialogue and joint constructive work for the further development of the whole complex of bilateral relations in the name of our friendly peoples, says the President of Turkmenistan.

Taking the opportunity, the Turkmen leader wished Vladimir Putin strong health, wellbeing and outstanding achievements at the highest political office in the name of peace, progress and prosperity of the friendly people of the Russian Federation.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper