President of Turkmenistan: Culture Week in Akhal velayat to contribute to the study and popularization of national heritage

I would like to offer my congratulations to you on the official opening of a Culture Week in Akhal velayat and wish you good health, family wellbeing, every success in your work, President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said in his Welcoming Address to the event participants.

The study of the Turkmen people's many-thousand-year history, heritage, time-honored values, and worldwide popularization of the important architectural monuments located along the Silk Road are seen today as a key objective. This has enormous significance in the context of patriotic education of the younger generation and adequate protection of national heritage.

Our country's cultural calendar for 2018 features many events taking place in Turkmenistan and beyond throughout the year themed as Turkmenistan ´┐Ż the Heart of the Silk Road. These cultural events considerably contribute to closer humanitarian contacts with other nations, widespread popularization of Turkmen culture and art, the study of the monuments located along this ancient route and the nation's historical and cultural heritage. They are also highly instrumental in identifying, collecting, exploring and preserving national treasures. Performing artists, poets, writers, bakhshi (folk singers), and musicians are among those actively participating in the events.

The Culture Week in Akhal velayat has special significance, since Akhal is an ancient land and home to the Seyit Jemaleddin Mosque, the historical monument known as Paryzdepe, the Fortress of Shahrislam, Abiverd State Historical and Cultural Park, and other archeological monuments, which have become top pilgrimage sites not only for people of Turkmenistan, but also for tourists from all over the world, the head of state noted in the Address.

Nowruz A´┐Żaylasynyn Ak Oyi, the magnificent white yurt-shaped building in Ak Bugday etrap, Akhal velayat has become a popular venue for public events and celebrations.

The Culture Week in Akhal velayat will give powerful impetus to the enrichment of Turkmen culture with new modern literary works and art treasures, and will play an important role in educating young people in the spirit of patriotism, promoting in-depth research and worldwide popularization of our people's national heritage and traditional values.

The Culture Week, a joyous and spectacular celebration to honor the national culture and art, should become a significant event that will go down in the country's history. I wish excellent health, long life, and remarkable success to all participants in the festive event, the Presidential Address stated.

Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency-TDH