President of Turkmenistan flew around the capital and got acquainted with the progress of works on construction sites

construction plan of Ashgabat. At the request of various ministries, industry departments of the country and the capital's hakimlik, social facilities are being built here. At this stage of the development of the capital, high-rise, three- and four-storey residential buildings, two-story cottages, shops and other social infrastructure are being intensively constructed. Turkmen entrepreneurs are actively involved in the implementation of this large-scale project.

Further, the head of state circled the Olympic town, where 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games will take place. At present, the construction of all the project facilities has been completed. International sports competitions are organized in sports complexes, a number of which are scheduled for this month, which clearly reflects the key stage of preparation for the Asian Games-2017.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov got acquainted with the work in the residential complex Parahat-7, which is being intensively built in the southeastern part of the capital. A large complex of high-rise apartment buildings and other objects is being built on this large territory.

Speaking about the tasks to implement the plan for the construction of new residential areas, the leader of the nation noted that the main requirement of the time is the formation of all the necessary infrastructure. Priority should be given to the construction of modern roads, bridges, and creation of appropriate lighting and information systems. Along with this, it is necessary to keep the issues of improvement and formation of recreation areas and creation of all necessary conditions for promotion of physical culture and sports among the population under constant control.

Also during the flight, the head of state got acquainted with the works carried out on the agricultural lands of Ahal velayat. Currently, cotton sowing continues, and tenants are already preparing for the forthcoming grain harvesting campaign.

In one of the beautiful corners in the suburbs of the capital, the Ak-Oui building is being built at an accelerated pace. Noting that the construction of this facility should combine traditions of national architecture and modern architectural achievements, the President of Turkmenistan stressed the need to provide all conditions for organization of public events in this building. Specific instructions were given regarding the Quarantine Center for Akhal-Teke horses.

Having completed the overflight, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov wished all the structures of the capital's hakimlik success in the implementation of the city-planning program deployed in the main city of the country.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper