President of Turkmenistan: Gas sector development will contribute to the country’s higher economic potential

I would like to congratulate you on the opening of the International Gas Congress, which is now in its ninth year, in independent neutral Turkmenistan and wish you good health and success, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said in his Welcome Address to the forum participants.

As one of the world's leading countries with the biggest hydrocarbon reserves, Turkmenistan seeks to put its abundant natural resources to work for the benefit of its people and other nations. In this context, the International Gas Congress, annually held in Turkmenistan in May, takes on overriding importance. The worthwhile efforts and progress made in the country' fuel and energy sector over the last few years have brought deep satisfaction.

The international gas congress is seen as a highly important forum, which effectively contributes to the successful implementation of the key programs aimed at more rapid industrialization in the country and diversification of the national economy; encourages investments for the joint exploration of oil and gas fields, and boosts the production of products that are in high demand in the world markets.

Experts, participating in the 9th International Gas Congress of Turkmenistan, will discuss and exchange their opinions, among other matters, on the issues concerning the diversification of natural gas export routes, regional and global energy security, operational capability of pipelines, gas processing, and priority areas for investment in the gas chemical sector. The congress is expected to provide answers to many central questions.

Being ranked for long among the top energy producers, Turkmenistan is ready to promote mutually beneficial cooperation to ensure efficient use of its abundant hydrocarbon resources. The development of the gas industry, launch of new petrochemical and gas chemical facilities working at full operating capacity, improved export possibilities of the fuel and energy industry, fruitful regional and global partnerships will enhance economic potential of Turkmenistan.

Thanks to our country's advantageous geopolitical position there is a wide field for large-scale international projects. A notable example is the main gas pipelines running through Turkmenistan to many neighboring countries.

The transnational Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India gas pipeline will be a worthy addition to them in the years to come. Once operational, it will make a significant contribution to further development and modernization of the fuel and energy sector, the Welcome Address states.

Turkmen land abounds in natural resources. The enormous Galkynysh gas field alone is a striking illustration of the fact. Having established strategic energy partnership with different countries, today Turkmenistan is expanding it in Europe, Asia, the Far East, and Southwest Asia, and developing mutually rewarding relations with leading foreign financial and oil-and-gas companies.

In recent years, natural gas exploration, production and processing issues have become increasingly topical. Taking active part in the efforts in this field, Turkmenistan holds a constructive viewpoint and believes that tackling the tasks successfully will make a fundamental impact not only on our country's economic progress, but also on that of many other countries.

I am confident that the representative forum will serve as an efficient meeting ground for exchanging the accumulated experience and expanding international cooperation in the gas industry, the presidential address stresses.

Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency-TDH