President of Turkmenistan: Great Emphasis Will Be Maintained on Development of Textile Industry, Preservation and Promotion of Art of Carpet Weaving

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov addressed the participants of the international exhibition and conference dedicated to the Day of the Turkmen Carpet and Textile Industry Workers.

I congratulate you on the opening of the international exhibition of textile and carpet products titled Turkmen Textile: A Global Brand, and the 18th Conference of the World Association of Connoisseurs of Turkmen Handmade Carpets! I extend to you my wishes for good health, family well-being and much success in your work towards developing the carpet and textile industry, states the Address by the head of state.

During the years of independence, in addition to other spheres, significant progress has been made in carpet and textile industries of the national economy. I trust that the international exhibition and conference will play a significant role in promoting high achievements in these industries.

Extensive works are launched in the country, and major reforms are implemented to develop every sphere of the economy and turn Turkmenistan into an industrially developed nation.

Textile industry is undergoing successful reforms as well. Massive investments are directed to this sphere to finance the construction and commissioning of new textile plants and carpet factories with advanced hi-tech equipment. Recent ground-breaking ceremonies for textile plants in Kaka and Babadayhan districts of Ahal province, each with an annual processing capacity of 5 thousand tons of fine-fiber cotton, are a good example in that regard. With commissioning of these facilities, thousands of new jobs will be created for our fellow citizens who will make their valuable contribution to the improvement of economic potential and export capabilities of the country, reads the statement.

Manufacturing of high-quality textile products that are in greater demand on global markets was launched at these plants that are equipped with advanced technology and meet all modern requirements. We highly commend the conscientious and creative work of our textile workers and carpet weavers.

The government will continue to place a greater emphasis on the development of the textile industry, preservation and promotion of the ancient art of carpet weaving and reviving the best examples of old carpets, taking every possible measure to ensure systematic improvement of working and living conditions for workers of the industry, skilled carpet weavers.

Textile enterprises of our country are environmentally friendly, while the industry is being developed in the context of high standards of environmental protection, as evidenced by certificates issued by international organizations to newly commissioned plants and factories.

The further development and modernization of the industry through introduction of state-of-the-art technology and achievements of international science, and production of high-quality products are among acute tasks of our time. To further develop their skills, young Turkmen specialists travel abroad for advanced training that is necessary to operate the cutting-edge equipment.

The current international exhibition and the 18th Conference of the International Association of Connoisseurs of Turkmen Handmade Carpets dedicated to the Day of the Turkmen Carpet and Textile Industry Workers will once again demonstrate the strong economic capacity of our independent country. The forum will become an important platform to make the progress in one of the biggest branches of the national economy, the textile industry, and achievements in the art of carpet-weaving better known to our foreign partners, highlights the Presidential address.

Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency-TDH