President of Turkmenistan Launches New Power Plant

During the opening ceremony of the country’s first-ever combined-cycle gas-steam turbine power plant at the Mary Hydroelectric Power Station, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov visited a control center of the new facility with an annual capacity of 1,574 MW.

The plant boasts four General Electric’s 263.5-MW gas turbines, two 260-MW steam turbines and other high-technology equipment. The project also included the construction of distribution systems, administrative buildings, and engineering facilities. The power plant’s fully computerized system enables to effectively control the technological process at the control center.

The progressive method of combined cycle gas-and-steam process includes: combustion gases first operate a main gas turbine and then pass into a special heat recovery steam generator. They turn water to steam by heating it, and then the steam goes to the steam turbine under high pressure and rotates it. The steam rotates the coupled generator as well. This is how complementary energy is produced.

As a result, if the efficiency output of a simple cycle power plant is 34.2 percent, then the efficiency output of a combined cycle reaches 56 percent (1.5 times higher). Besides, it enables to significantly reduce the consumption of natural gas used as a fuel.

Not only are combined-cycle power plants economical, they are environmentally-friendly, because the emission of combustion gas, carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere decreases two- or threefold.

Supporting the international community’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Turkmenistan has ratified the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and is taking a series of steps to transit to green economy, use modern ecologically safe and resource-saving technologies in the industry, including in the oil-and-gas, power energy and transport sectors.

The head of state recognizes the application of state-of-the-art resource-efficient, environmentally safe technologies and high-performance, reliable equipment as one of the main objectives of domestic power energy specialists when implementing sectoral projects.

In the atmosphere of solemnity, the President of Turkmenistan officially launched the new power plant by pressing the start button. The ceremony attendees saw a film about the new facility, and later watched on the monitors how the power plant was reaching its projected capacity.

The newly opened facility will significantly increase power supply of the country’s unified energy system and ensure more reliable power supply to domestic consumers. It will also boost Turkmenistan’s power exports to 3 billion kWh.

The enormous power and economic potential of Turkmenistan is attracting more and more foreign companies and firms, willing to build mutually beneficial partnership with our country. The introduction of innovations into the sector and our country’s huge reserves of natural gas, one of the most efficient and ecologically safe fuels of today for power plants, enable to effectively tackle the tasks in the strategic sector of the economy.

Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency-TDH