President of Turkmenistan: policy of neutrality solid foundation for international activity

President of Turkmenistan addressed participants of the forum dedicated to the International Day of Neutrality.

I congratulate you on opening of the scientific conference Neutrality of Turkmenistan: cooperation in the name of peace, security and sustainable development as well as the International day of Neutrality.

Since the first days of gaining the independence, Turkmenistan has pursued the active foreign policy. The policy of neutrality stands as a solid foundation for the international activity. The world community highly evaluates the neutral foreign-policy course of our state. On June 3, 2015, the UN General Assembly confirmed the neutral and legal status of Turkmenistan for the second time.

The activity and diplomatic representation of Turkmenistan on the international arena expands with every passing year. As of today, our country has established diplomatic relations with 147 countries and has become a member of 47 international organizations. Turkmenistan participates in 150 international conventions, treaties and other multilateral acts.

Turkmenistan has 40 embassies, consular agencies and permanent missions in foreign states. 35 embassies, consular offices and 15 representative offices of international organizations work on the territory of our country.

The main goal of the foreign-policy strategy of our country is to establish bilateral and multilateral relations with the world community. The priority is to develop political, trade and economic, cultural and humanitarian relations with different states, in particular with the countries of the regions and neighbouring states. Consultations between the ministries of foreign affairs and intergovernmental commissions play a crucial role in this sphere. These important mechanisms of equal and mutually beneficial cooperation provide an opportunity to evaluate the status and discuss promising areas of these relations.

Enhancement of relations with international organizations and first of all the UN stands as a key aspect of the foreign-policy strategy of Turkmenistan. Our country highly evaluates the strategic partnership with this organization. At present, we actively work with the UN specialized agencies, including the UNDP, WHO, UNICEF, UNRCCA.

The active participation of our country in drafting the UN Sustainable development programmes till 2030 vividly testifies that the relations between our state and the UN have reached the qualitatively new level.

Pursuing the policy of neutrality, our country takes an active part in solving the urgent problems of the international development, putting forward constructive initiatives on global agenda in such important areas as policy, diplomacy, energy, transport, communications, environment, sports, humanitarian issues among others.

Over the past period, on the initiative of Turkmenistan, the United Nations General Assembly adopted 13 Resolutions on the above topics. UN General Assembly , on the initiative of Turkmenistan, adopted the Resolution 2021 - International Year of Peace and Confidence.

The foreign policy of Turkmenistan pays great attention to building relations with neighboring states. Turkmenistan puts forward a number of important initiatives aimed at developing ties with the states in the Caspian Sea region.

In 2017-2019, our country chaired the International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea, and in 2019 - the Commonwealth of Independent States. During this period, Turkmenistan hosted high-level meetings of heads of state - co-founders of the CIA Fund, various conferences and forums, emphasized the President of Turkmenistan in his address.

In conclusion, the President of Turkmenistan wished the conference participants good health, longevity and success in their work.