President of Turkmenistan sends greetings to participants of the VI Congress of the country’s Youth Organization

I congratulate you on the 6th congress of the Makhtumkuli Youth Organization of Turkmenistan - one of the leading public associations! I am sure that this congress will become one of the most significant events in the country's socio-political life, says the Address of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

As noted in the message, the country attaches particular importance to sustainable development and successful integration of the national economy into the global economic space. Large-scale work is underway to improve villages, towns, etrap centers, comfortable housing estates, large industrial complexes are being built.

The merit of representatives of all generations of our society, including the young, is great in strengthening the foundations of independence, the stable socio-economic development of the Turkmen state, and dramatically improving the people's living standards.

Young people work in government institutions, government and administration, various sectors of the economy, in particular in the fields of science and education, culture, healthcare, and large enterprises, thereby actively participating in the implementation of the country's socio-economic development program for 2019-2025. Engaged in business and social activities, young people are actively involved in the modernization of the national economy and the development of the digital economy. And young people, who have connected their lives with sports, increase the sporting prestige of our independent state, the Appeal emphasizes.

In the grandiose achievements in politics, economics, culture and other spheres of the life of our state, there is the contribution of the Makhtumkuli Youth Organization of Turkmenistan. Since its inception, this organization has been carrying out effective work to consolidate youth, targeting its energy and intellectual potential to the development of the country.

Our course sets new challenges for the Makhtumkuli Youth Organization of Turkmenistan. Based on national culture, traditions and customs, a respectful and careful attitude to the historical and cultural heritage should be instilled in young people. The efforts of the organization should be aimed at ensuring the legal and social protection of the young generation, promoting among them spiritual, moral and cultural values, national traditions. Young people should devote all their strength, knowledge, skills and experience to the dynamic development and increase of the country's authority in the world, the presidential message emphasizes.