Presidential greeting to the personnel of prosecution agencies of Turkmenistan

Prosecution agencies has an important role in building of democratic, legal and temporal state, assertion of justice and democracy, consolidation of law and order, protection of rights and freedoms of the citizens and national interests, - the message says.

You have to solve selflessly all set objectives for further improvement of national legislation, sense of justice and legal culture of the citizens making deserving contribution to successful implementation of reform programmes aimed at the growth of national economy and social and living conditions of the population.

According to the Constitution of Turkmenistan and the Law On Prosecution Authority of Turkmenistan, the prosecution agencies are presented with large authorities in control of fulfilment of laws in our severing state and lawfulness of legal acts.

Efficiently using these authorities, performing control, applying the measures of prosecuting influence, you have perform necessary work for prevention and elimination of law violations, bringing of legal acts contradicting to the legislation to the correspondence with law, protection of rights of citizens and interests of the state.

Together with other military and law enforcement structures, the prosecution agencies have to undertake efficient measures for consolidation of law and order. It is necessary to improve the measures for provision of peace in the country, fighting the crime, for reimbursement of the loss caused to the state.

You have to continue protecting the law in our legal state, having improved prosecution control of compliance to the law by governmental structures, local executive power and administration, enterprises and organizations, public associations, officials and citizens and to fulfil your duties with responsibility and competence.

Paying special attention to thorough selection and appointment of conscientious, honest and principled personnel, improving their discipline and professionalism, you have to achieve that decent personnel deservingly occupying their positions work in prosecution authorities, - the message highlights.

At the end of the message, President, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan, Army General Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov wished all personnel of prosecution agencies good health, family prosperity and success in their responsible work.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper