Presidential Office Hands Over 7 Boxes of Materials to Prosecution

The prosecution says that it has seized significant amounts of materials from the top office as they continue to probe the massive influence-peddling scandal revolving around President Park Geun-hye's longtime friend Choi Soon-sil.

After wrapping up two days of efforts to secure documents from the presidential office over the weekend, an official of the special investigation team said that the top office eventually cooperated to provide requested information.

With the top office citing legal grounds to prohibit investigators from searching the offices of chief presidential policy coordinator Ahn Jong-beom and private presidential secretary Jeong Ho-seong, the prosecution said that materials amounting to seven boxes were handed over to them.

Ahn is allegedly involved in shady fundraising schemes for two private foundations established by Choi, while Jeong is suspected of assisting in the delivery of presidential documents, including speeches, to her.

Source: KBS World Radio