President’s message to the personnel of judicial authorities

Current political, economic, cultural and social progress of Turkmenistan, which is commited to the principles of democratic, legal and temporal state, was achieved owing to the unity and solidarity of the society as well as humane governmental policy, - the message says.

The Constitution of Turkmenistan guarantees well-thought fundamental principles of implementation of right, responsibilities and authorities of the individual, society and the state developed in accordance with time demands. According to the Main Law of the country, the personnel of this sphere face important tasks for provision of security of the rights and freedoms of the human and citizen, interests of the society and the state.

Personnel of judicial authorities provide state registration of regulatory and legal acts of the ministries, departments, executive power bodies of the velayats, Ashgabat, etraps and cities what assist real guarantee of citizens' rights in our country and bringing of these documents in compliance with the Law.

One of the job responsibilities if the personnel of judicial authorities is the explanation of the legislation, improvement of legal awareness and legal culture of the citizens and propaganda of the laws, - the message mentions.

The Government highly appreciate the work of the personnel of judicial authorities for provision of the supremacy of law, protection of human and citizen rights and freedoms, interests of the country and bringing of adopted regulatory and legal acts to the correspondence with international standards.

At the end of the message, the President of Turkmenistan highlights that while supporting the activity of judicial authorities in the context of practical implementation of legal policy and improvement of legal culture of the citizens, the State takes permanent care of the consolidation of equipment and facilities base of the department, improvement of social and living conditions of the personnel of the sphere and their family members.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper