In recent days, information about the multimillion economic assistance on the part of the United States of America during the period of 20 years has appeared in a number of international mass media. 

The Turkmen side declares that this information is untrue and underlines that the economic cooperation between Turkmenistan and the USA is implemented on the basis of mutual benefit and equal partnership.     

At the same time, it is pertinent to note that over the quarter of a century the state structures and economic entities of Turkmenistan have realized jointly with the companies of the USA tens of economic projects with the total amount of several billions of American dollars in the field of power industry, civil aviation, aerospace sector, agriculture and a number of other strategically vital fields.  

Being the customer for the construction of power industry objects, procurement of aviation, agriculture, construction-and-road-building machinery, including the works and services with the participation of American companies, the Turkmen side has always made the payments in the framework of abovementioned projects from its own resources. 

Press Service of the MFA of Turkmenistan


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