Prices for select groceries in the shopping centre “Berkarar”

Following the closing of the Turkish shopping centre Yimpash in late 2016, Berkarar has become one of the most popular shopping and entertainment centres.

Correspondents of Chronicles of Turkmenistan report that the shopping mall has quite an extensive product range but the prices are considerably higher (it should be mentioned that the price hike is similar to that at local markets).

For instance, at the supermarket Kamil market the price for a kilo of apples, depending on the kind, varies from 21 to 34 manats. According to a recently published price review, as of late January local apples were sold at 8 manats per kilo at the markets and Iranian apples cost 15 manats.

Oranges are sold at 13 to 29 manats per kilo in the shopping centre, whereas local bazaars offer them at 8 to 19 manats.

The price for a kilo of rice amounts to 13,5 manats whereas a pack of pasta is sold at 11,5 manats.

The price for baking soda has doubled since January 2018. It was sold at 4,5 manats per pack but now its price has already reached 10 manats.

Imported Russian flour now costs over 10 manats a kilo. Let us recall that owing to an acute deficit, local flour, which was sold at 2-3 manats per kilo at state-run stores, disappeared from the counters of Turkmenistan's stores. As of today the cheapest and most popular flour is imported from Kazakhstan and its price at markets fluctuates between 4,80 and 6 manats per kilo depending on the region.

According to our sources, the dollar exchange rate at the black market is again going up and as of 12 March it reached 14 manats per dollar.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan