Priorities of development of energy and communication infrastructures are discussed at working session

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov held working session with participation of Ministry of Energy M. Artykov and Chairman of Turkmenaragatnasyk Agency B. Ovezov. Ways of successful fulfilment of the Programme of social and economic development of Turkmenistan in 2019 � 2025 have been discussed and future objectives have been outlined at the meetings.

It was mentioned that establishment of comprehensive energy and communication infrastructure, modernization of its activity as the main factor of economic and social development of Turkmenistan are priority directions of the government policy. Large-scale projects initiated in these structures, in particular the projects for improvement of equipment and facility base of energy and communication industries, have to be successfully accomplished, the Head of the State said.

Minister of Energy M. Artykov reported on fulfilment of the assignments for increment of output capacities of power energy industry. for the last years, infrastructure of the industry has been supplemented with gas turbine power stations built in Ashgabat, Ahal, Balkan, Lebap and Dashoguz Velayats.

At the same time, dozens of distribution substations are under construction, system of power provision and lighting of the capital, other cities and settlements is under renovation. Large-scale work in this direction allows providing big industrial complexes and numerous social facilities, which are put into operation in our country every year, with electricity and also exporting it to neighbouring countries.

In addition, making of circle energy block between Dashoguz and Balkan Velayats and Balkan and Ahal Velayats will improve the reliability of provision of local consumers with electricity.

Opening of the first in Turkmenistan combined steam and gas power station, which operates based on coordinated control from Mary State Power Station, has become a significant event in life of the country. This modern power station plays an important role in improvement of export potential of Turkmenistan.

Output capacity of the station is I,574 MW. It has four gas and 2 steam turbines from the famous American General Electric. Combination of two types of units provides the production of additional energy. In addition, consumption of gas, which is used as a fuel, is significantly reduced and the volume of emission to the atmosphere is decreased by 2 � 3 times.

Combined cycle power station in Mary, which innovativeness, economic efficiency and ecological safety are certified by international documents, is an engineering and technical development of new generation.

Another major investment project � the construction of gas turbine power station in Charjew etrap, has been launched in Lebap Velayat according to the Concept of development of power industry of Turkmenistan in 2013 � 2020. This facility with output capacity of 432 MW, which is built by Sumitomo (Japan), will be provided with high-technology equipment.

It is worth to mention that Ymamnazar � Andhoy and Serhetabat � Herat power lines have become a significant part of energy infrastructure of Afghanistan, which has big support from our country. Rabatkashan � Kalaynau power line with throughput capacity of 100MW/hour, which has opened another direction of supplies of Turkmen electricity to northern regions of neighbouring state, was put into operation in summer of 2018.

Bit work has been carried out for fulfilment of this project: our specialists built number of power supply facilities including substations and power lines of 112 kilometres length.

It was mentioned that Protocol of Intent between the Ministry of Energy of Turkmenistan and the Ministry of Energy and Water resources of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on construction of power lines has been signed during opening ceremony of power line.

Having listened to the report, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov focused on improvement of activity of energy system of the country, implementation of advance practice and digital technologies. In this regard, the importance of training of qualified specialists has been highlighted. Improvement of potential of the industry will support further growth of export of Turkmen energy to foreign countries, especially to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Formation of relative infrastructure would open new work place, would make input to stable development and stabilization of the situation in friendly country, the Head of the State noted.

For many year, Turkmenistan provides comprehensive support to fraternal people of Afghanistan in building of new life. Such big projects like construction of Turkmenistan � Afghanistan � Pakistan � India gas line and Turkmenistan � Afghanistan � Pakistan power line, which are currently under realization, are very important not only for participating countries but also for the region in general.

Noting that important role is given to communication sphere in steadfast development of national economy, the President highlighted the necessity of active involvement of modern technologies in this industry.

In this regard, the Head of the State focused on comprehensive approach to solution of objectives related to the launch of another national artificial satellite operating on close distance. In this context, use of capabilities of TurkmenA�lem 520E satellite is an important requirement in development of digitization.

After, Chairman of Turkmenaragatnasyk Agency B. Ovezov reported on integrated work for improvement of activity of the structures under his supervision with use of modern technologies.

It was informed that specialists of the State Communication Company Turkmentelekom modernize Turkmenistan � Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan � Uzbekistan fibre optic lines as well as the networks in Iran and Afghanistan, which will support the improvement of telecommunication throughput capacity by dozens of times.

Summing up the information, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov stated that development of national standards and methods in the sphere of information security including harmonization with international standards and technical regulations is one of priority objectives.

Having noted that modernization of national communication system provides several projects, the Head of the State ordered to aim every project at certain segment of the industry. taking into account growing demands of the population, Altyn Asyr national operator has to provide complete coverage of the country with this type of communication including 4G and in nearest future 5G high-speed Internet and other services.

Turkmenistan has adopted the Concept of development of digital educational system. It is planned to open the centre of Innovative Information Sciences under the Concept, which functions will include integrated development of methods of electronic study including e-manuals, guidelines, video and audio lessons, interactive and multimedia software, etc.

Turkmen leader noted that implementation of the system of digital education would provide equal capabilities regardless from the place of living to receive qualitative educational services meeting national and international standards and requirements of modern information community. In this regard, it was highlighted that construction of TAP fibre optic line will give an opportunity to Afghanistan and Pakistan to connect to educational sphere of our country.

It is necessary to carry out work aimed at improvement of quality of internet services, which will significantly improve the exchange of international information and will implement new types of electronic services. It is necessary to open national Data Centre � the centre for storage and processing of information and connecting of subscribers to internet network, the Head of the State highlighted.

Finishing working session, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov ordered relative officials to put maximum efforts to fulfil set objectives by the end of the year.

Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency TDH