Priorities of home and foreign policy of Turkmenistan discussed at the session of the Government

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov held video conference session of the Cabinet of Ministers where current issues of the state life have been discussed and some draft documents have been reviewed.

Having announced the agenda, the Head of the State gave floor to Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers G. Mushikov who reported on the situation in the structures under his supervision as well as on development of proposals for improvement of the structure of facilities of transport and communication sphere.

For this purpose, the Ministry of Finances and Economy has carried out certain work together with profile facilities. Based on the analysis, it is proposed to use available reserves of number of organizations of this sphere more efficiently.

Summing up the report, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted that more forms and types of business organizations, which are more adapted to current economic situation in the world, appear in the conditions of rapidly developing market relations. It is necessary to optimize organizational management structure of all organizations for successful operation and improvement of competiveness of all companies, the President said.

Continuing, the Head of the country stated with delight that outcomes of working trips to the velayats indicate proper level of works carried out by the farmers. Despite complicate conditions, agricultural personnel have grown generous yield of the wheat. Many new agricultural equipment is used in the fields; modern water saving irrigation systems are also widely used.

The Head of the State continued that generous yield has also been received from the reaping of vegetable and cucurbitaceous crops. All of these prove the efficiency of taken decisions for development of agricultural complex as well as for provision of food abundance of the country, the President said.

Addressing Vice-premiers G. Mushikov and E. Orazgeldiyev, the Head of the State requested to analyse the situation in this section of national economy and determine the utmost objectives, which require rapid response. Provision of fields under crops with irrigation water, modernization of technical fleet of the State Water Management Committee, granting credits for procurement of spare parts for agricultural equipment were specified among current directions.

Turkmenistan steadily realizes the strategy for solution of issues of water subjects, which have global significance, making considerable input to the efforts of the world community. Water diplomacy, which is outlined among priorities of foreign policy, suggests not only long-term cooperation in this vital sphere but also the development of own practices, which efficiency can serve to all humanity, the President highlighted.

Having rich practice of rational water use gained by thousands of years, our country develops it for the future based on modern approaches taking into account global trends as well as proposes constructive ecological initiatives. Opening of the UN Regional Centre of technologies related to the climate change, which was made at the VII World Water Forum in Tegu (The Republic of Korea) is one of these initiatives, the Head of the State said.

In addition, Turkmen side has said at the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly that development of the countries, their economies, social sphere, level of wealth and life quality of people directly depends on the access to water resources and their proper management.

Interrelation between well-thought water management and level of agricultural production and food safety is obvious, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov continued.

Modern land improvement technologies are implemented to the branches as well as measures for improvement of efficiency and control of rational use of water resources are taken. Following this, heads of divisions in agricultural complex have to inspect the situation in the region regularly. In this context, it was requested to hold relative matters under control.

Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers M. Meredov reported on work for improvement of management system of the branch, enhancement of efficiency of activity of structural divisions of fuel and energy complex including in international commercial projects related with production of oil and gas at the fields of the coastal zone of Caspian Sea.

Draft document on further development of cooperation of the State Concern Türkmennebit with foreign partners has been presented to the President for review. Turkmen oil producers develops Hazar contractual territory on the terms of the Production Sharing Agreement and Agreement on Joint Activity together with foreign companies.

Summing up the report, the President has focused on the priorities of energy policy of Turkmenistan, which main goals are the most efficient use of rich natural resources, production, scientific and technical potential of oil and gas sector for stable growth, expansion of export capabilities of national economy, growth of wealth of the population of the country.

The President highlighted importance of modernization and diversification of oil and gas complex, bringing of it in compliance with time requirements. Having generally approved and signed the presented Draft Resolution, the President sent it to the Vice-premier by electronic document management system, having given specific assignments regarding attraction of foreign investments, advanced world practice and modern technologies.

In his turn, Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers E. Orazgeldiyev reported on seasonal agricultural works in the regions.

Summing up the report, the President instructed to hold organizational issues of the wheat harvest campaign under permanent control. The Vice-premier has been addressed with specific assignments for qualitative care of the cotton and increment of vegetable production grown in the country.

Having expressed discontent with the activity of Turkmen Agricultural University and Turkmen Agricultural Institute, the Head of the State ordered to take measures for improvement of training level of personnel in profile high educational institutes.

Further, the President called Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers Sh. Durdiliiyev who presented Draft Resolution on construction of the second phase of Baherden and Lebap Cement Factories to the Head of the State for review.

It was reported that the Ministry of Industry and Construction Production has exercised international tenders for construction of the second phase of Baherden Cement Factory in Ahal Velayat and Cement Plant in Koytendag etrap, Lebap Velayat for production of 1 million tons of cement per year each for fulfilment of the Resolution of the President of Turkmenistan from February this year.

Proposals of Beýik-bina Private Company and Türkmen Enjam Business Entity have been selected by the results of the tender. Construction projects of the above-mentioned facilities presented by these companies were thoroughly analysed and considered to be the most efficient by Interdepartmental Commission for evaluation of projects of important buildings and facilities under construction and reconstruction in Turkmenistan.

Construction of cement factories is planned to be started in July this year and to be accomplished with full operation readiness in December 2022.

Having noted the necessity of modernization and further development of production base of construction complex, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov ordered relative officials to hold realization of important projects under permanent control.

It was noted that the country plans and builds numerous industrial, social and cultural facilities, for construction of which quality construction materials, especially cement, are required. It was decided to build new plants for increment of production of cement.

Having signed the Resolutions, the President of Turkmenistan sent the documents to the Vice-premier by electronic document management system, having directed to hold fulfilment of specified objectives under strict control.

Speaking of other work plans in near terms, Turkmen leader has noted that all conditions are made in the country for prosperous life and interesting leisure of the population. Complex opened at Altyn köl Lake, where Ashgabat citizens can spend their holidays, is another example of this.

Our country has other big water reserves, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted, having pointed out the necessity of opening of similar zones in all velayats for the citizens would be able to have holidays near water. In this regard, the Vice-premier was requested to develop relative projects.

Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers B. Ovezov reported on the Draft Resolution on procurement of cargo aircraft by Türkmenhowaýollary Agency and reported on work performed for procurement of Boeing-777-200F aircraft.

Having listened to the report, the President of Turkmenistan noted that modernization of infrastructure and technical rearmament of national civil aviation are integral parts of large-scale plans gradually implemented in transport sphere.

Speaking of objectives for development of national aviation, the President has focused on mandatory requirement of training of aircraft crews and ground personnel. It is necessary to use all available capabilities in order to Turkmenistan strengthens its status as one of the largest international transport centres. In this regard, national aviators would be able to expand geography of regular cargo flights and increase number of flight of existing routes, the Head of the State highlighted.

Having signed presented document, Turkmen leader sent it to the Vice-premier by electronic document management system, having given relative asignments.

Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers Ch. Gylyjov reported on work for development of the draft Strategy of organization of exhibitions, fairs and conferences, which are aimed at support of the export of the country.

The Vice-premier reported to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov about work of the structures under his supervision and organization of trading activity in the context of development of foreign economic relations, expansion of sale markets of Turkmen production.

The above-mentioned Strategy is aimed at the growth of export potential of the country. its realization will support the attraction of investments to the economy, enhancement of quality of Turkmen goods as well as establishment of the country as a centre for organization of international exhibitions, fairs and conferences.

Under this project, it is planned to improve legislative base, promotion of ‘Made in Turkmenistan’ logo and provision of efficient commercial activity of organizations, including by use of digital system, cooperation with different international structures for organization of exhibitions.

Having listened to the report, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted importance of modernization of work trade organizations of the country, improvement of export and import operations and focused on new directions of entrepreneurship.

Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers B. Abdiyeva reported on the results of spring season of archaeological excavations in the country, works for scientific study and restoration of discovered artefacts, which were carried out according to the State Programme of scientific and research works and excavations at historical and cultural monuments located along the Silk Road in Turkmenistan in 2018 – 2021, study and popularization of cultural heritage.

Having reported to the President about discovered artefacts, which have big scientific importance, the Vice-premier informed that additional facilities of craftsman complex have been discovered at the territory of Abiverd Stronghold in Ahal Velayat.

Restoration works of the portal of medieval Juma Mosque in Balkan Velayat has been accomplished. Big fragments of walls of medieval building have been found in the result of excavations at Caravansary Monument, which is a part of Kunyaurgench Complex in Dashoguz Velayat. The second phase of restoration works at Dayahatyn Monument of the XIII century has been accomplished. Works in Abdyllakhan Stronghold, which is located next to Bayramaly, Mary Velayat, are continued.

Archaeological researches, which allowed finding and registering number of previously unregistered monuments, have been carried out together with archaeological expeditions organized by National Department for protection, study and restoration of historical and cultural monuments in the velayats. Special attention in study and wide popularization of historical heritage of the nation is paid to international cooperation.

Having listened to the report, Turkmen leader highlighted the necessity to continue this work and to hold issues related to careful protection, study and restoration, state accounting of historical and cultural monuments under control.

Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers P. Agamyradov reported on work for organization of distant learning in the system of secondary and higher education.

Distant lessons and various scientific conference are held on regular basis in video conference format in educational facilities provided with digital technologies. At present time, foreign practice of distant education is carried out.

It is proposed to organize distant and methodological assistance to parents in preparation of children to school and distant learning of citizens with limited capabilities in our country for the first time.

Personnel having secondary professional education would be able to receive higher education in profile speciality in the nearest future. Distant technologies will also find wide application in work for improvement of qualification of specialists in different branches of the economy.

According to this, it is planned to develop and introduce new provisions for use of distant learning technologies allowing developing educational programmes remotely to national legislation.

Noting importance of improvement of efficiency of the system of secondary and higher education, the Head of the State instructed to take proper measures for further introduction of modern informational and communication technologies.

It was highlighted that innovations implemented in this field will not only increase the level of national education and to expand the cooperation between profile facilities of the country but also will establish relations with foreign scientific and educational centres.

Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers R. Meredov reported on the activity of the Ministry and measures for strengthening of international cooperation of Turkmenistan in the sphere of renewable sources of energy.

It was mentioned that energy diplomacy is one of the main vectors of foreign course of the country. In the direction where the Head of Turkmenistan made number of specific initiatives, work for establishment of new relative international mechanisms is carried out at present time.

In modern conditions, provision of energy stability on global, continental and regional levels is related to the development of renewable energy sources. In this regard, Turkmenistan was one of the first countries, which supported the initiative on establishment of specialized organization – International Renewable Energy National Agency (IRENA), in 2009, and became full member of this structure in 2018. At present time, 161 countries are the members of the IRENA.

Support of the strategies of the world countries for transit to sustainable energy, promotion of innovative technologies and economic knowledge in the sphere of renewable energy are the main directions of activity of this Agency.

The plan of bilateral and multilateral activities for 2019 – 2023 for development of cooperation with the IRENA has been developed and relative interdepartmental working group has been established in 2018. Number of joint sessions and meetings have been held with participation of this group and representatives of international organizations.

Together with the IRENA, Turkmenistan works closely with European Union, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe as well as with the UN specialized structures like the UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and the UN Development Programme (UNDP), together with which profile projects and programmes are implemented each year.

It is proposed to establish National Agency for Renewable Energy Source for coordination of activity of national government authorities involved in this sphere. At the same time, proposal on appointment of the Ambassador of our country to United Arab Emirates as a permanent representatives of Turkmenistan under the IRENA.

It is planned to propose Turkmenistan for election to the IRENA Council in 2021 – 2022 for exchange of practice with foreign partners under the IRENA, introduction of the world community with the country’s practice in energy sphere as well as further intensification of activity of our country under international energy organizations.

Summing up the report, the President generally approved the presented proposals, having noted that recently, high growth rate is observed in the use of renewable energy sources in the result of rapid scientific and technological progress. This perspective direction is also one of important components of energy strategy of neutral Turkmenistan.

Introduction of innovative, eco-friendly technologies in the sphere of practical implementation of natural sources – solar, wind, water and other energy, is important vector of development of ‘green’ economy and would be able to find efficient application in different branches of national economy, the Head of the State highlighted.

All of these provides growing attractiveness of renewable energy from the point of view provision of ecological wealth of the country and environment protection as well as economic aspect and competiveness. Therefore, Turkmenistan has all prepositions, including following its natural and climate conditions, for successful development of this direction, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted.

In this context, the Vice-premier, the foreign Minister was requested to continue working on promotion of initiatives of our country in the sphere of energy diplomacy, activation of fruitful cooperation with competent international organizations and interested foreign partners.

Speaker of the Mejlis G. Mammedova informed the Head of the State about current activity of National Parliament for improvement of legislative base of the country.

At present time, development of new and modernization of existing laws aimed at further development of various spheres is continued according to the plan of law-making activity of the Mejlis.

Sessions of working group established under the Constitutional Commission for study and compilation of proposals on amendments and addendums of the Main Law of the country are held on regular basis. Proposals received for the project have been discussed, directions of further activity for explanation of meaning and importance of constitutional reforms have been specified at the regular session of the group.

Deputies of the Mejlis participated in video conference of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (PA OSCE) with parliamentary delegations of Central Asian countries as well as with Inter-Parliamentary Union.

It was also informed about development of 32 bills on amendments and addendums of existing laws for review in the Mejlis. Due to big number of developed bills and received proposal and feedbacks on them, G. Mammedova have asked to postpone the session planned on June 20 for later period with the necessity to continue this work.

Having noted importance of further improvement of legal base, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted importance of this activity in strict consideration of priorities of the country’s development on modern stage and recognized standards of international law.

The Head of the State highlighted that it is necessary to study all received proposals deeply and to continue work for development of the final version of the Draft Constitutional Law on Amendments and Addendums of the Constitution of Turkmenistan, which would be presented at the session of the People’s Council as well as to organize meetings with public on sites in future, to make the population aware of the importance of legal reforms.

Having focused on importance of subjects brought to the agenda of regular session of the Mejlis, Turkmen leader said about the necessity of thorough elaboration on all documents and decisions made according to these documents.

Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers, Secretary of the State Security Council Ch. Amanov reported on integrated measures for support of local social and political stability, making conditions for efficient service and life of officers and soldiers.

Having listened to the report, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov pointed out importance of coordinated activity of military and law enforcement structures for strengthening of the basis of creative life of Turkmen people. Following the provisions of the Military doctrine, which has exclusively defensive character, our country would always pay special attention to strengthening of equipment and facility base of security forces, the Head of the State said.

Continuing, the President of Turkmenistan highlighted that the government delegation of Turkmenistan led by Defence Minister, Major General B. Gundogdiyev would take part in the parade in honour of the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory in Moscow on June 24.

Observing this glorious anniversary, the Head of the State continued, we pay tribute to our common heroes who demonstrated exemplary courage and brave in cruel battles for peaceful life of future generations.

Participation of soldiers and officers of National Army in the ceremonial parade raises pride of every Turkmen citizen for the sons of our land who made deserved contribution to the Great Victory, the Head of the State said.

At the same time, this event will improve authority of Turkmenistan, which pursues the policy based on the principles of positive neutrality, peace-loving, good neighbourliness and beneficial international cooperation.

Number of other important subjects, on which relative decisions have been made, were reviewed at the session of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Finishing video conference session of the Government, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov wished strong health, family wealth and success in work to all participants.



Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency-TDH

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