Private business successfully develops production of building materials

Production of building materials is an actively developing industrial branch today. Import substitution strategy stimulated the establishment of new high technology enterprises for production of building materials and the change of the speciality of the existing ones. The state programme for support of small and medium business promoted the growth of entrepreneurship initiative in this industrial segment.

Industrial infrastructure of Dashoguz Velayat will be supplemented with private enterprise for production of decoration materials. Construction of small plant for production of the variety of ceramic tiles and different decorative accessories is under completion in administration centre of the northern region.

The output of new enterprise is 30 thousand tons of production per year. More than ten types of different items, which will be made of the material produced in the country, like the panels for decoration of the interiors and facades, pavement, for basement parts of the buildings, floors and windowsills as well as decorative items and other.

The opportunities for production of wide spectrum of modern, aesthetic and ecologically friendly decorative materials will be provided by top modern technologies and highly productive equipment purchased in Russia and Ukraine. Technical provision will allow the enterprise manufacturing the moulds for panels and based on the requirements of the client, changing the sizes and design of the productions and hence, supporting the demand for the items and sustain the competitions in the market.

Along with production facilities, the structure of the enterprise located on the territory of half hectare includes two-storey administration building, autonomic water, heating and electrical systems, water tanks and the showroom for demonstration of the production samples.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper