Producer of digital measuring equipment Takyk tilsimatlar business entity plans to enter foreign market

Takyk tilsimatlar Company is the only producer of digital measuring instrumentation for industrial needs. By the outcomes of the contest timed to the 11th anniversary of the Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs of the country, this business structure was recognized as the best company of the year for the implementation of innovative technologies. Precise instruments of private company were bought by such facilities as Himiya Senagat, Ak Toprak, Turkmenbashy Textile Complex and other.

Entrepreneurs have opened the facility provided with metal plasma cutting unit and hydraulic bending press as well as with welding equipment working on different gases in industrial zone of Ak Bugday etrap, Ahal Velayat. Besides, the business entity has signed long-term contract with Turkish ESIT for the provision of electronic component parts like strain gauge sensors and digital indicators. Director of the company Byashgeldy Meredov said in the conversation that Takyk tilsimatlar business entity has developed the production of innovative weight scale devices with the range of 15 to 150,000 kg.

Model line is improvised based on the clients' requirements. It includes all types of platform, vehicle and railway cart measuring devices as well as scales for weighing of animals. These multifunctional measuring devices with monitor allowed providing control of cargo and shipment of production as well as are able to consider axle and wheel load of motor and other modes of transport. Accuracy and comfort parameters in operation of industrial electronic scales exceed the indicators of mechanical analogues by dozens of times.

Specialists of the company and the General State Service Turkmenstandartlary made test runs of measuring instruments, by the results of which the production of the business entity and spare parts were entered to the State Register of measuring devices of Turkmenistan and certified by TDS standards.

The company plans to expand the production of high-accuracy measuring devices and to start exporting their production. At the same time, Takyk tilsimatlar offers a package of services on service of measuring equipment made by own facility and by other manufacturers. Special service team for service of profile equipment was formed up for this purpose.

In addition, the company plans to start the production of precise details and assemblies, processing of wide range of material like steel, aluminium alloys with high accuracy requirements as well as assembly of heavy metal constructions like reservoirs, hangars and other facilities.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper