Projects on Developing Turkmenistan’s Petrochemical Industry Presented

In the next 10 years Turkmenistan will boost development of the petrochemical industry. The Vice-Premier in charge of the fuel and energy complex, M.Babayev, presented to the government members the concrete projects to be implemented as part of this work.

Particularly, reconstruction is planned at the facility for processing of natural gas and production of liquefied gas at the Bagaja field in Lebap province. It is planned to construct, on this basis, a petrochemical complex with the capacity to produce 80 thousand tons of butadiene-styrene rubber and 45 thousand tons of polystyrene annually.

The major investment project is intended for implementation at the fields located in the Central Karakum nearby the Yylanly gas compressor plant in Dashoguz province. A plant to process 2 billion cubic meters of natural gas and produce 70 thousand tons of liquefied gas is planned to be constructed as part of the project. The second phase of this plant is intended to produce 200 thousand tons of low-density polyethylene.

A petrochemical complex is planned to be constructed in the village of Kiyanly in Balkan province, to produce 200 thousand tons of linear low-density polyethylene; 390 thousand tons of polypropylene; 100 thousand tons of polyvinylchloride; 10 thousand tons of liquefied gas; 82 thousand tons of caustic soda and 10 thouand tons of hydrochloric acid. 1.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas and 117 thousand tons of industrial salt will be processed here.

Experts project that, by 2030, the country's demand for A-95 gasoline and diesel fuel will double. Accordingly, a raft of measures has been developed to enhance the processing capacities of the Turkmenbashi Complex of Oil Refineries and the Seydi Refinery.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper