Prosecution Calls for In-Person Questioning

Anchor: As it has become unlikely for the prosecution to question the president on Wednesday following her attorney's request to delay the process, investigators said that an in-person session is still a necessity. Prosecutors want to meet the president on Thursday.

Kim Bum-soo reports.

Report: The head of the prosecution has made it clear that questioning the president in person is a must.

[Sound bite: Prosecutor-General Kim Soo-nam (Korean)]

"Considering the current progress in the probe, a direct investigation of the president is unavoidable."

Prosecutor-General Kim Soo-nam on Tuesday evening responded to President Park Geun-hye's attorney who asked investigators to delay the questioning of his client.

The prosecution had hoped to conduct questioning on Park on Tuesday or Wednesday as a witness to the case.

The chief prosecutor would not specify a date but his investigators told the presidential office that they want to meet the president on Thursday if not Wednesday.

The legal deadline is set on Sunday for the prosecution to indict 60-year-old Choi Soon-sil on charges related to her exploitation of ties with the president in a massive influence-peddling scandal.

An official at the Seoul District Prosecutors' Office explained that investigating the president is necessary before finalizing the bill of indictment. Investigators want to avoid revealing the charges on the bill before they get to investigate the president in order to prevent her attorney from establishing countermeasures.

Kim Bum-soo, KBS World Radio News.

Source: KBS World Radio