Prosecution Likely to Investigate Park Next Weekend

The prosecution is reportedly considering investigating President Park Geun-hye as early as next weekend over allegations that she let her longtime confidant Choi Soon-sil meddle in state affairs.

The prosecution is known to be mulling a probe into the president around next Sunday, when the legal deadline for Choi's detention expires.

An official said that the prosecution is likely to conduct the probe this week, but it may be delayed until Choi is indicted.

The prosecution may conduct the probe at a place outside the prosecutors' office or at the presidential office.

Under the Constitution, a president has immunity from criminal prosecution while in office unless he or she commits a crime equivalent to treason or insurrection.

But a prosecutorial investigation into the president appears to be inevitable to shed light on the alleged leak of sensitive presidential documents and her role in raising funds from firms to establish two nonprofit foundations, Mir and K-Sports.

Park may become the first-ever sitting head of state facing an investigation by the prosecution in modern Korean history.

Source: KBS World Radio