Public sector employees mobilized to harvest cotton in time for the 25th independence anniversary

Dashoguz velayat is lagging behind other Turkmen provinces in its pace of cotton harvesting.

This in itself is bad for the authorities of Turkmenistan's northern province, let alone in the run-

up to the Independence Day celebrations on 27 October.

Last weekend, pursuant to the instructions of the khyakim, Orazmyrat Gurbannazarov, all

public sector staff and employees of state-run organizations and agencies were deployed to

harvest cotton.

Healthcare practitioners, educators, gas sector and water transport workers and even maintenance

staff of Dashoguz airport, who were mobilized to carry out the state task, worked in the fields

instead of having a rest on their legitimate days-off.

Secondary school teachers have been warned that instead of weekends off, they will also be sent

to harvest white gold during the entire autumn school break which coincides with the dates for

celebrations of Turkmenistan's Independence Day.

Technically, cotton in Turkmenistan is produced by private farmers � the rural inhabitants who

rent lands of the former collective farms. However, the country's authorities do not rely on them

to harvest the cotton but mobilize city residents in cotton harvesting campaigns. It appears that

the entire cotton yield needs to be harvested not when it ripens but by a certain date. In this case

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan