Qatar business circles learn economic potential of Turkmenistan

Actual vectors of bilateral cooperation are to be discussed at Turkmen � Qatari business forum opening in Doha. Perspective project for cooperation in different branches of economy will also be presented.

Growing export capabilities of textile industry of Turkmenistan are among the subjects of the forum. Currently, more than 70 enterprises of the Ministry of Textile Industry supply their productions to more than 30 countries � Europe, USA, Canada, Russia, Turkey, etc. Accumulation of production powers of the branch allows expanding the variety of high quality products and export geography.

Turkmenistan has big plans for development of chemical industry, which is key destination of diversification of national economy. Large projects for establishment of facilities producing technical iodine, bromine and its products, caustic soda, chlorine and its products are to be realized. There is a construction of high technology enterprises for development of potassium deposits in Koytendag etrap, Lebap velayat and other minerals in this range.

For development of the industry of construction materials, it is planned to establish enterprises for production of composite materials from basalt fibre, cement plant, enterprises for glass and glass items, ceramic bricks and bathroom ceramics production.

Besides, development of electronic industry, launch of household equipment production and agricultural equipment started in Turkmenistan.

Export capabilities of agricultural branch are also increased � Turkmenistan exports the wheat, vegetable, cucurbitaceous and cotton production, vegetable oil and combined feed. Construction of high technology livestock and poultry complex is continued in the country.

Medical industry is also developed, Turkmenistan exports range of medicines and local medical production made in the country. There are projects for expansion of pharmaceutical production from domestic material and medicinal plants, export of medicines made from licorice and other.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper