Rail passengers en route to border areas are obliged to have health certificates

The state-run agency “Türkmendemirýollary” (Turkmenistan Railways) has published new passenger regulations in connection with public health and disease control inspections carried out in Turkmenistan.

When boarding the trains bound to “restricted destinations” passengers are obliged to provide not only a passport, but a health certificate issued by healthcare institutions, a permit from the law enforcement authorities or a business trip certificate.

In order to undergo a required inspection, passengers are obliged to arrive at the railway station at least 45 minutes prior the departure of a train.

The news outlet “Turkmenportal” reports that tickets bound to the stations of Kerki, Gazodjak, Darganata, Farap, Serkhetabat, Takhtabazar, Kaakhkam Etrek and Georgly can be purchased only in ticket offices.

The imposing of restrictions on movement between velayatas was first officially announced in late May, when Turkmenistan sent an official letter to the UN to report measures undertaken by the government to combat the spread of the coronavirus outbreak.

“Entry to and exit from border areas is granted pursuant to the special procedure”,  – the document says.

According to correspondents of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan”, border areas have been closed for rail transport since late March.

The director of the information centre under Turkmenistan’s Healthcare Ministry Ogulmyakhri Geldieva also told about the control over internal migration in an interview to the television channel “Russia24”. She was quoted as saying that checks are performed on everyone crossing the borders of velayats.

The government of Turkmenistan still insists no coronavirus COVID-10 cases have been registered in Turkmenistan. Over a month ago Turkmenistan’s Foreign Ministry Rashid Meredov said that the country was ready to host a WHO mission which might control the local epidemiological situation but the visit has not taken place for unknown reasons.

Together with Turkmenistan Tajikistan also did not acknowledge coronavirus cases on its territory. According to the official position of the Tajik authorities, the first cases had been identified two days prior the visit of the WHO experts. As of today, according to the news agency “Fergana”, 4100 people tested positive for coronavirus and 47 people died  – this is the largest COVID-19 death toll in Central Asia.



Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan

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