Release of “At-myrat” fiction in the country is timed to National Spring Holiday

At-myrat fiction movie, which premier was held this month on national TV channels, is dedicated to famous ahalteke horses.

It is a story about 12-year old boy who owing to his granddad, famous horse-breeder Cherkez-aga masters the elements of horse breeding, gets to know its subtleties and falls in love with sky runners, which change his perception of the world and form the conception of its beauty and harmony. Communicating with paradise horses, the boy perceives such eternal values as nobleness, faithfulness, selflessness and devotion, pride, self-respect and courage, which generations of Turkmen horse breeders brought up in ahalteke horses.

Merdan has cherished dream to become famous jockey what is explained by the name of the movie Ak-Myrat. Dreaming and imaging of the past, the main hero gives opportunity to the spectators to go centuries back and make some sort of historical trip to the times of Oguzkhan and see brave horsemen and pictures full of patriotism and heroism. The style of the film is metaphorical and based on deep associations and parallels emphasizing unbreakable spiritual tie of the generations. Owing to documentaries included to the movie, it gives a view on national traditions and horse breeding customs, their revival and development in the modern world.

Thus, the plot involving different ages allows producers of the movie connecting the past and the presence of the country.

In the presence, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, true expert and subtle connoisseur of sky horses and great lover of horse riding becomes an example for beginning rider.

The boy watches with a sinking heart his hero winning equestrian races and his grandson that rides ahalteke horse dashingly along the hippodrome. Merdan also dreams to be the winner of the races and show his skills and courage, demonstrate the power, beauty and grace of the horses. This dream become true and he wins junior race.

New film is lyrical and kind, full of light, colours and music. Patriotic emotion of the film is defined by the life of independent neutral Turkmenistan � actively developing state with beautiful future.

At-Myrat made in Oguzkhan Association Turkmenfilm by director K. Annanov. Together with the famous artists, non-professional actors but related to horse breeding starred as boy and his grandfather. This allowed them to bring the main concept of the movies to the audience.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper