Repertoire of Gubadag folk band reflects the colour of music and sing art and traditions of Northern Region

The repertoire of Gubadag folk band of Gubadag etrap Cultural Centre of Dashoguz Velayat absorbed rich palette of original traditions and customs. Every performance of this talented group is a bright ethnographic composition, which based is interweaved with songs, theatrical plays, fragments from destans, sayings and proverbs reflecting spiritual and historical experience of Turkmen people and unbreakable ties of the generations. The repertoire of the band includes celebration rituals like wedding bride celebration or house warming party. So called yerge-toy performance speaking of the first day of the bride at husband's house is filled with distinctive colour of local traditions. New work of the band, staging of ak-goyun toy ritual, which follows the celebration when individual reaches venerable age and reflects the respectful attitude to the elders in Turkmen mentality and fortitude of family traditions.

Government policy in culture stipulates complex work for protection and study of historical and cultural heritage, its broad popularization. Today, choreographic and theatrical compositions, reflecting original and beautiful customs and traditions of Turkmen people, make the basis of repertoire of number of ethnic bands of Dashoguz Velayat like Ak Bugday from Gurbansoltan-Eje etrap, Bedirkent from Gyorgly etrap and other. Resting upon growing people interest to folk art not only in our country but abroad as well, they recreate in details cultural traditions in vocal choreographic or theatrical performances promoting the protection of spiritual values.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper