Representatives of the Turkmen mass media acquaint themselves with the international standards of freedom of speech

Two-day training, organized by the OSCE Center in Turkmenistan with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of our country has begun its work in the capital hotel "Yildyz".

The forum on the experience exchange in the area of media development focuses on the development and organization of training courses for journalists in accordance with the "National Action Plan for Human Rights in Turkmenistan for 2016-2020."

International experts Branka Sesto (Croatia) and Sergei Chizhkov (Russian Federation) were invited to conduct the training discussions.

Representatives of local print and electronic media, the National Institute of Democracy and Human Rights under the President of Turkmenistan, as well as judicial bodies take part in the specialized training.

Advanced training is provided in such areas as international standards of freedom of speech, the right for search, receive and disseminate information, freedom of opinion expression, use of information from official sources, etc. In addition, foreign experts will share their knowledge in the light of judicial information use in journalistic practice.

In the course of the interested exchange of opinions, it was stressed that the activities of the media should correspond to the requirements of the times and tasks of socio-political and democratic development. It was also noted that, taking into account the important role assigned in the modern world of the media, the constant improvement of the national mass media, is one of the main priorities of the head of state policy.

The work carried out in Turkmenistan on expanding the information space and use of modern multimedia technologies is becoming increasingly important. In this regard, it was stressed that the experience of foreign partners would be very useful.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper