Residential buildings and a complex for the production of flour and sunflower oil commissioned in Turkmenistan

In Ashgabat, on the 28th anniversary of the country's independence, two highrise residential buildings, as well as an enterprise for the production of sunflower oil and flour, were put into operation. On this day, 162 families became the new settlers, who received apartments of improved layout in two highrises. The adjoining territory, on which lawns are laid out, is equipped with walking areas, children's playgrounds and sports grounds.

An enterprise for the production of sunflower oil and premium flour has also been commissioned. The production capacity of the complex is 7200 tons of sunflower oil and 20 thousand tons of flour per year. The new facility is equipped with automated filling and flushing lines, the latest laboratory equipment, a computer control system, fire safety and sanitary control.

The enterprise, with the commissioning of which dozens of new jobs have been created, will not only produce sunflower oil and flour of the highest quality, but also supply livestock and poultry farms with production waste.