Residents flee the Turkmen paradise

On 21 November at Turkmenistan's review by the UN Committee against Torture a member of the committee Mr Hani Abdelwahab asked a question to the official Turkmen delegation: If everything is so good in your country and there are no wars or man-made disasters, why 15190 applications for a refugee's status have been registered from residents of Turkmenistan in the UN?

According to the information provided by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in 2015, for example, some 340 applications from residents of Turkmenistan were registered in UNHCR offices located in Turkey and 720 petitions in Germany.

According to our sources, in August 2016 over 25 thousand people were on the waiting list to receive the immigrant status in the Consulate of the Russian Federation in Ashgabat. Moreover, a majority of them were made up of natives of Turkmenistan � Turkmens and Uzbeks.

Moreover, hundreds of thousands have fled the country without contacting any international organizations or government agencies. There are hundreds of thousands of those who are pursuing educational or employment opportunities abroad and are not willing to come back. Needless to say, no accurate data is available as there are no official results of the General census which was held in December 2012.

In February 2017 the Epoch of Power and Happiness is scheduled to come to a close. The new Presidential term of the incumbent leader will obviously have another, no less pretentious, title. However, it is most likely that it will not affect the exodus of residents from Turkmenistan.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan