Residents of Atamurat (formerly, Kerki) have had no gas supply for a week

Irregular gas supply has been recorded in the city of Atamurat (formerly, Kerki) for almost a week. At the end of last week there was minimum gas pressure, but now there is no gas supply at all.

The city inhabitants are trying to solve the problems themselves � some fire furnaces and those residing in apartment buy compressed gas.

The municipal gas supply agency has failed to provide explanations and just say that gas supply will be restored soon. Moreover, filters in recently-installed gas meters often get clogged because of dirty pipes or low quality gas. A fee of 10 manats for cleaning the filter is charged by the municipal gas supply authority.

Fortunately, quite warm weather has set in Lebap velayat and the day temperature can reach 30 degrees. However, it gets quiet chilly at night without heating. According to the weather forecast, starting from Thursday, 3 November, there will a drop in the temperature to 11 degrees and in the upcoming days it is not expected to rise above 14. Hopefully the problem with gas supply will be resolved until cold weather sets in.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan