Residents of Choganly complain about the blocked roads because of the visits of the President

Recently, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov often holds meetings in the Choganly district, where a new housing estate will be built. Since, due to the visits of the head of state, the roads leading to the area are blocked, its residents have difficulty in getting to work or school.

For example, during a visit on March 25, the roads leading from the President's Palace on Alisher Navoi Street, the western part of Makhtumkuli Avenue, A. Niyazov Avenue and all the streets between them were closed for several hours. The long-distance highway Ashgabat-Dashoguz was blocked.

On such days, residents of Choganly and nearby residential areas cannot get to work. In particular, the textile factory in Ruhabat or the glass factory in Ovadan Depe. You can not go and other important matters - to study or to the hospital.

Locals complain that they are not warned in advance that the area will be closed to traffic.

- In this case, we could change the plans or warn the authorities, buy food or medicine in advance and stay at home. When the president arrives, even the road to the cemetery is closed. This time it did not stop anyone, but there was a case when, on another visit, the head of state prohibited the burial of the deceased, the local residents said.

Recall that during the President's January visit to Choganly, for two days road leading to the residential area blocked .

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan