Residents of Dashoguz have reduced the amount that they could charge on Visa cards

Residents of Dashoguz have reduced the amount that they can once a month transfer to their Visa bank cards. If in January it was an amount of $ 150 (the equivalent in manats for the state course), then in February it was no more than $ 100, the Chronicles of Turkmenistan correspondent reports.

Moreover, currently each branch of the banks in the city serves no more than five people per day.

Parents whose children study in foreign educational institutions are in a critical situation. After the meeting on January 17, which was attended by officials, where people complained about problems with transferring money to students, there were hopes of a change in the situation. In the city there were rumors that now you can put on the card for $ 400 a month. In reality, the opposite happened.

Students began to take academic leave because they do not have the opportunity to continue their studies. Many parents buy currency on the black market, where the rate is about 18 manat for $ 1 and try to transfer money in cash through friends who go to Russia and other countries.

Recall that in early January, residents of Turkmenistan began to express dissatisfaction and write complaints about the restrictions imposed on the transfer of money through Western Union.

In early February, it became known that 12 people who wrote the appeal were able to transfer $ 300 - the fixed $ 150 and the same amount in addition.

Students, in turn, complain that since the end of January they have not been able to withdraw money or pay by credit card.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan